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Is there anything else i can do to save cash?

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Is there anything else i can do to save cash?

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christmas_donkeychristmas_donkey Unregistered / Not Logged In
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Over the last few months i have invested a lot of time and effort straightening out my finances and i just want to check with you guys to see if i have missed anything out, in my quest to save money.

1. I own my own house, without a mortgage so dont need to hunt around for a cheaper deal.

2. I have sorted my gas/electric/telephone/mobile utilities so i have got the cheapest deal. It doesnt pay me to change to a water meter, but have looked into that too.

3. My small amount of debt i shoved on a 0% interest on balance transfers but i am aiming to pay off the £300-£400 that i still owe on it as soon as i can.

4. Food shopping (Tesco online, so that i can menu plan. I cant be trusted round a supermarket!!:-8) I dont think £70-80 a week is excessive for 4 adults and a little un and I dont go overboard with puddings/sweets.

5. I dont smoke (he does, but doesnt want to quit). We dont drink in the house either.

Now what else can i do to make/save money? At the moment, working is not an option as my mom is getting older and i need to be around if and when she needs me, also my son is playing up at school. So if i did anything i would have to be TOTALLY flexible. (tried to go to college more than once, and it didnt work out.)


  • If Tesco online is your regular place to buy groceries, are you taking advantage of their clubcard? You can also get extra clubcard points for using their credit card. Great providing you can pay the bill IN FULL each month.
    Try and use your ISA allowance and if you have any other savings put them into your name ( not other half's as presumably tax payer if he is earning) and make sure you complete an IR85 form from the Inland revenue. You will then get gross interest if you are not a tax payer.
    Get rid of all your unwanted items at a carboot sale. It's amazing what people will buy!
    If you are looking for a little extra, how about becoming an Avon rep or something similiar? You put in the hours to suit yourself/commitments.
    Keep reading all the valuable info in here!!!!! You can put it to good use and ensure you secure the best deal next time you have an insurance that needs renewing.
    Feel guilty for taking so much from this site and putting so little back. Hope I have helped you in some way.
    :D :D
  • SuzieQ_5SuzieQ_5 Forumite
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    If your Mum is in receipt of Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance you may be able to claim a "carers allowance" for looking after her. She doesn't have to be living with you. If she isn't in receipt of either allowance but needs your assistance then perhaps she should contact her social work department or welfare benefits adviser for advice. I don't know a lot about this allowance but I'm sure someone on this site will be able to help you.
  • I know what it s like to feel broke but you seem to be pretty sussed. Have you thought of selling stuff you no longer need or want on e-bay? You'd be surprised what people will buy. I recently sold a pair of shoes I'd bought on impulse in a sale years ago , for £55 . I was going to take them to the charity shop but reckoned sometimes charity does start at home. E-bay of course does charge and you do need to invest in a decent digital camera for photos. Anyway if you haven't already check it out.
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  • christmas_donkeychristmas_donkey Unregistered / Not Logged In
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    Thanks for your replies,

    aussie, as far as i know i use Tescos Clubcard to its full advantage. I save E vouchers and they send me vouchers quarterly so i can take it off my next shopping bill. An toying with the idea of using that money to transfer into a saving scheme.

    Dunno about transfering our savings in my name though, maybe thats one for me to discuss with the hubby.

    Suzie Q, yes have thought of that as Mum gets attendence allowance but to be honest, i am trying to wean her off me. She phones me for the silliest of reasons and moans at me and makes me feel bad for being so healthy when she isnt. If ever she found out i got a carers allowance that would be it - i wouldnt have a life of my own anymore. Again, thats one for the future, i am not ruling it out, but not just yet.

    MaryClaire, yes i am a great believer in selling stuff on that i no longer use. I tend to put stuff in the local rag as for some reason since i resubmitted my new debit card into ebay - it wont accept the card so i cant use Ebay.

    I think i will work on actually lowering my utility bills next i think.
  • GalstonianGalstonian Forumite
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    Can you save money on any other regular bills?

    If you have online banking it is easy to look at any direct debits and/or standing orders. If you pay by cheque you should be aware of them anyway.

    It is worth checking insurances, mobile and landline phone bills, regular savings even council tax (are you in the right band or due a discount?) in fact any regular payment.

    Do you utilise cashback credit cards (e.g. Capital One Circle card pays 1%). You can get an effective 1% reduction on your council tax bill by paying using the card - note you do not get the protection offered by the direct scheme if you use a credit card continuous payment.

    Do you own a car? Can you save on servicing and repairs? There is a thread about using council or ambulance testing stations for MOTs.
  • minimini Forumite
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    I saw Martin on tv once talking about when you are doing your shopping chose a slightly cheaper version if you buy a major name buy the stores own brand, if you usually buy the stores own try the value/smart price version, I didn't vow to do that with everything, mr mini would have been horrified :o but with a few things I have swopped to Asdas own, their version of Rice crispies, which is much better as they don't have 1 toy to fight over first thing in the morning.

    Also do you throw out much food? I have reduced what fruit & veg i buy as alot was looking grotty before I could use it so I do a little shop for more fruit & veg & milk & bread at a mini Tesco so i don't see other things I didn't know I needed ::) in between the big shops
  • vanoonoovanoonoo Forumite
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    at a mini Tesco

    wow - a tesco named after you?!


    one of the things that might reduce your bills is energy bulbs, not leaving things on standby, only heating enough water for what you actually need and making sure you use it.

    is the house properly insulated too? sadly some of these things might cost money in order to save money which may not be feasible at hte moment
  • SuzieQ_5SuzieQ_5 Forumite
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    Ok, take your point about your mum relying on you. Next option: Why not contact Social Services and see what support they can offer (sometimes even put you in touch with other services offering voluntary support - e.g. transport to day centre, shopping trips, etc.), that would maybe free you of some time. It's important that you take time out for yourself. Carers have a very tiring role and you are entitled to have a life of your own. I know this isn't a 'money saving tip' but maybe a 'sanity saving' one!
  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
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    Rather than getting E-vouchers from Tescos and getting money off shopping, you could exchange them for clothing vouchers through their 'Me-Time' scheme. For every £10 in vouchers you send off, you get a £15 Tesco clothing voucher back which is valid for 6 months. (Basically get an extra £5 for nothing!) I save my tokens up, exchange them and use the voucher to buy clothes for my toddler. Do a nice range of kids clothes.

  • SarahsaverSarahsaver Forumite
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    something ive just started doing, have alternate spending and not spending months, that is for this month i am not getting any new clothes for me or the kids, and keeping everything to the bare minimum. Its coincided nicely with the fact that my sons birthday was at the beginning of the month, so the spending for that was last month, the other sons is beginning of may , so it has all fallen into place nicely.
    Soup, make soup! I make soup with the leftovers from sunday dinner. Buy potatoes in a sack, its surprising how my kids think they are being spoilt when i give them a baked spud and let them choose toppings from a selection of tesco value tinned food.
    Before any spend or purchase think do i need this, can i get it cheaper, will it wait...
    My daughter had unisex clothes as a toddler so my youngest son age 2 still wears her coats, trousers and jumpers.
    Are you getting any tax credit entitlement, do you qualify for council tax benefit? Be insured so if anything goes wrong you arent out of pocket. As for your ma, GET the benefit if u r entitled, you do not have to tell her. I know how as parents get older they become more melodromatic and attention seeking. Are there any local day centres she could attend? You deserve a break! Good luck ;)
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    I have done reading too!
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