Electronic Isa transfers launched - are they any faster?

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This thread is to discuss the following news story:


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    BACS will take as long as a cheque in the post.

    Just less risk of losing it, or not opening the envelope!

    It all boils down to how many staff these firms have to process ISA transfers. If they don't have enough, it goes wrong.

    In the great scheme of things, this change will make little or no difference.
  • Hmm. Maybe this is why my transfer from Lloyds to Natwest seems so fast!

    Lloyds closed my FRISA account on Friday 27th March, and the money appeared in my Natwest e-ISA account Tuesday 31st March.

    Barclays closed my Tax Haven ISA account around the 23rd of March, and it still hasn't appeared in my Natwest e-ISA yet.
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    Are we sure this isn't an April's Fool Joke ? Seems a little bit too good to be true.

    Let's wait till tomorrow. If it is true then why don't they set out a timeframe, let's 5 working days.
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    Your bank and bank card does say something about the kind of person you are: Big 4 banks=sheep;),Santander=someone who doesnt mind incompetence:p,COOP=Ethical views,a campaigner:cool:,First Direct/Coventry=someone who thinks they are better than others:o,NI Bank card when living on the mainland=Aspergers :D
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