Im not sure if this is the right place to put this but i just want to say tanks to everyone who is part of this board!!

I got my first store card a week after i turned 18 and ran up huge debts paid these off then did it straight away again and never managed to clear it all off im now 23 !! i since have bought a house with OH and have a baby on the way with the help from the DFW board, writing a diary, getting tips on using cash back sites, switching utilities and the OS baord my life has changed!!! my debt isslowly going down and will hopefully be gone before baby's arrival and all our bills are as low as they can be and we have a spread sheet to keep us right so without this site id still be spending on CC's and would probably have lost our house by now. So a big thank you for showing me the way im looking forward to the last bit of debt to be gone and having a family and a no debt lifestyle to go with it and hopefully some savings in the future too.

Thanks to everyone!!

Cady xxx
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