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Never really given much thought to it - until today. Trying to cross the road with himself (we both have sticks) chap came past in a car and yelled 'spas&&&' at us (nice) ok one I can let go....
We trot of the the car showroom (FIAT) to have a look at possible new Motability car - and it gets worse....(yeah you knew it would eh)...
The 'salesman' wouldn't even look up -he said Herbert somebody does Motabilty and he's not in till Thursday. We are still standing at the desk at this time...
I start to mutter so he 'Marches' us off at 100mph to look at a thing like a van..
'Yes thats what you want' (No it isn't)
You can get lots of people in the back (why?? Do I say I wanted a taxi or a bus??)
So we wondered out of the nice clean showroom; which we were obviously clogging up...its FIAT by the way (did I mention that)...
Now I am thinking its the sticks isn't it - I had a similar episode when I used the wheelchair - I'll just say this is the first time I have been out of the house in weeks - hey guess what - I'm not going out again if I can help it....


  • Mouseymousey, don't let the barstewards grind you down. Get your own back, call head office (did you say it was FIAT?) and put in a complaint about the way you were treated. And let them know that because of their salesman - at FIAT, right? - you won't be buying a FIAT but going elsewhere.

    Salesman in question will be really, really sorry for his behaviour once the big guys at HO chew him out.

    Have a {hug}.

    Oh - good put down if you can use it (I do when people start behaving like jerks) "I've got brain damage - what's your excuse?"
  • Hi Somebody-else - many thanks (its kind) I've written to FIAT uk, Motability and slapped them all over twitter. I rang the showroom manager but surprise surpirse he hasn't bothered to ring back..
    Onwards and downwards...
  • im soooooooooo angry.:mad: id be thinking now how to get my own back?:eek: ok thats not nice.:D but i do think he will getting a good boxxxxxcking when you phone up and said how he made you cry.;) i was being pushed by a realy sweet egyptian man. not............. i never saw him do it but he asked me for more money for pushing the wheelchair, was is job. but hey the bloke deserves too make a few bob.:mad: :mad: beind my back the swi.e made hands signs too suggest i am rely fat. ok im a big girl.:p but my hubby never said a word????:eek: he says if he had ripped into him he may be in their jail still?:confused: i said to my hubby why did you not tell me?:confused: id of knoked his head off.:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: rude pig.... so how many more disabled people does he take the pee out of?:mad: yes it does hurt...... like you i realy dont want to go to egypt again, or try too walk in pain.:A god how much would i suffer.:eek: please take a great big hug from me. think something nice tonight.:p face it head on when your realy thinking straight.:j
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