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  • VickyA_2
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    Thanks. I'd been warned about "professionals" before, but only by one person - now I believe you all! Ah well, just so long as they buy my junk (sorry, high quality goods) for a decent amount I'll be happy.
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    We've done car boots before and have made anything from £30 - £180.

    Good idea to sit in your car until all the professionals have disappeared as they are like vultures.

    We priced a lot of things up beforehand and that saved a lot of "umming and ahhing" if people asked "how much", we did start dropping prices though as the day went on.

    We also had a few "bargain bins", large boxes on the floor with a big "everything £1" sticker on it which draws people in. Books and cd's sold really well. Our first car boot made the most money (we were able to kit out our 1st childs nursery with the profit)
  • worc1146
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    When I arrived at the car boot I had about 15 people swarming around looking at a pottery bowl which was visible in a box in the back. It was one my Dad had found in the garage and he'd have been pleased to get a £1 for it. However the interest in it made me realise it was worth a bit more than that - I sold it for £18. Absolutely make the professionals wait till you're ready to start selling. But look at what they're interested in - it may be worth a lot more than you think and remember you don't have to sell it - if something does generate big interest you might consider having it valued and put into auction.

  • NuSaver_2
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    Do you tend to get problems with people trying to nick stuff?
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  • mutley74
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    we have sold kids stuff (clothes, toys etc) at local sales by the National child birth trust. They take a 25% commission, but it is a good place to pick up bargain toys etc for your kids.

    Also used Adtrader to sell bulk items.
  • Chezza71
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    I sell my stuff at indoor table top sales (usually £5 a table).

    Don't have to rely on the weather and you also get an hour beforehand to set up before the punters/vultures come in!! ;)
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    I've always found it pays to price everything up. Many people, and I am one of them, will not ask the price of something if it is not shown. My best boot buy was a tawse which I bought for £2. Put it on ebay expecting a fiver, and finished up with £136! Apparently, they are used by those "strict disciplinarian ladies" and the originals, used in schools up to the '50s, are highly valued.
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    That's what puts me off doing car boots anymore - the vultures!!!!!!!!!!!! :-[

    Also, be careful with anything small, like rings etc as we went to a car boot last Bank Holiday and I heard a woman say someone had pinched a ring!

    One strange thing about car boots is you always seem to sell the junk, but the good stuff no one wants! ???

    I just pop in now and then.... :)
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    i've got a pile of stuff waiting to do a car boot, but waiting for a mate to go with me as a bit wary of going on my own due to the vultures! also slightly put off as been told that at my local one you need to get there about 6am to get a pitch!!!
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    Its very rare I get to a car boot for that reason, whats with the 6 am start on a sunday when we should all be having a lie in????????/

    whats wrong with it starting at 2 finish at about 7 in the summer so we could all have our sunday din dins then go for a trot round the car boot??

    recently I went to one and got a brand new veggie tefal veggie steamer the electric one for £2 still boxed and in its plastic bag with the guarantee still in date and all that. ;D
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