anyone with bpd and depression advice please

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  • i also self harm as i find it a relief. i once ended up with a operation as nearly cut my tendons. i have been in hospital for three days at the max with od. i have been discharged fron the crisis team for a week now and cant get hold of my cpn. i have the option to go to complex cases but its a hour bus ride for 15 mins with them.; icant jusify the journy and now my daughter off school for the hols so makes it difficult.i have a app that i have to cancel on fri. feel like i am struggling on my own. i know the ccs team are there duorong the day but its not practical to get there at the moment. i have left three messages for my cpn to phone me back she is normally very good with support but not sure whats going on at the moment. its good to hear i am not on my own and there are others out there. thank you all for your posts.
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    guys pleas watch watch what u are doing,,just got some terrible news a family friend,was diagnose with bone cancer ,,sent her into serious depression,she had a nervous breakdown,, put her in a private clinic,,where while treating her with the drugs ,she comitted sucicied:(,please take all the help you can get and use it(this friend was 46 years of age a consultant radiologist 2 kids and lovely husband)
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    you are lucky to have all the suport you need i have very little where iam . i am only on anaiti depressant and that ' it . i do self harm quite often, most of the time i don't even realize it i am doing it until the deed is done .

    the crissi team discharge me without even letting me know i only found that out while i was in a crisis and they didnt even care about it. Most of the CPN i had were rude, after one atttempt of sucide, one CPN told me to rationalise th event and take my responsability ... i was furious at this comment,. needless to say i made a complaint.

    the problem i have is that since the psychaitrist has put me the label BPD most of the staff don't want oto know as they find me difficult to treat and unmanageable.
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