Ithere still no way to fill in or download an ib50 form online?

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I should have filled an ib50 form in, they gave me up to April 8th to hand it in but one thing and another I havent. Then on Thursday I got another letter asking why I had not yet sent it so I have started it but its a right mess, it looks dreadful and I dont want to send that one. I know I could ring them although theres no number on the letters from them to ask for another but then I have to wait for it, not sure if they will be open saturdays anyway. Is there no where on the net I can either download another form or fill in a pdf of it?



  • Try the form on this link if its the same - I don't know (part way down the page)

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    Dont worry about it. Put the information on a piece of paper and attach it to the ib50 form.
  • You had advice before on the DLA form and used it. Type out on a separate sheet and then just reference in the boxes on the form. Tippex out or paste over with paper any thing you filled in which was in the way.

    You can type it out. Do so. Good luck.
  • If you get stuck, you could also try the Your Able website. Lots of useful info there, too. ;) Which you probably have done but I only found this part of MSE in the last 20 minutes so am catching up with things.
    Any help, opinions, views I may hold those are my own. Respect them as you would expect the same in return. Offered freely, is gleaned from a lifetime of experiences, knowledge gaining. Passed on to benefit others. I may be direct, ask you questions but those are to help you. Up to you if you choose to take it. I won't judge you either way.
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