APRIL make £10 a day challenge ~All Welcome~

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Hello to all newbies & regulars and welcome to another Make £10 a day challenge motocanaglia_welkom.gif :easter:

I know this first post is long, but please read it as it gives tips and info on how this challenge works!

Batgirl started this challenge over a year ago and is now taking a well deserved break and thanks to JesaRose and Mizmir who also keep this thread going!

If you're new to the challenge don't be scared - here's how it works:

The aim of this challenge is to make £10 extra a day everyday for the month. A lot of people think this is impossible but this is some people's 20th month and it can and has been done (and in some cases some show offs have even doubled or tripled the monthly challenge).

If you feel £10 is too much why not start at £5 or if you're brave join those who aim for £20 a day! Anything extra you make is great so set whatever target you think you can manage.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money or saving money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

What cannot be added: wages
What can: overtime at work, savings in shopping, daily clicks, sales, interest, vouchers

Feel free to add any extra money earned (above normal wages) or any money you saved when out shopping. For daily clicks and sites like quidco its up to you when you add the money earnt there. Some add it when an amount tracks others when it's paid out - its your challenge so its up to you what you want to count and when you want to count it.

This board moves so fast so here's some ideas for people to make money. (click the links for some shortcuts to threads on each subject):

Amazon.co.uk, play.com, Green Metropolis - sell your old books/DVDs/CDs/games here. (Green met is for books only)

Ebay - a place to sell anything and everything. There is a whole board about ebay which gives you ideas, hints and tips about selling

Survey sites - I've found lightspeed and p!nec0ne to be the best (p!nec0ne is hard to find but well worth trying to find it!) but there are many more it really depends on you finding the ones that work best for you - toluna, ciao, harris poll, valuedopinions etc etc

Daily clicks - go to EagerLearners thread on this board and ask for her guide. Last i checked it could get you £3 per day. Although clicks take time to add up its worth it in the end if you have the time to spare.

Mystery shopping - Get paid to be a mystery shopper - I don't do it so know nothing about it but many on here do so ask if you need any advice.

Up your income board - full of great ideas!

Free Daily Scratchcards - a few of the b!ngo sites let you play one of their scratch cards each day for nothing (twice on Sundays) link: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=1412565&highlight=scratchcard

Everyone is welcome - just post your target, update your signature and get going. If you have any questions just ask here and someone will help

Please post your intention to take part and your target and I will add you to the list. Challenge starts April 1st - £10 a day this month will be £300:

1. JesaRose
2. Purpleroses £268.34
3. tirlittan £85.70
4. scubaangel £149.00
5. Holeypockets
6. Addams
7. Hollyberry
8. Jayss
9. JenJade £395.00
10. ilovetea
11. CompletelyLost
12. Dinah93
13. bex2002
14. treacle1983
15. andrina_nightshade £172.72
16. poshstock66
17. ruthiejane
18. Floxxie
19. moneypooh £369.07
20. gillz83
21. Horace £526.63
22. froddington
23. gettingthereslowly
24. JES_F1
25. l0u_l0u
26. mshalffull
27. supersaver123
28. primmer
29. karen_30
30. sarahs999 £462
31. urg123
32. ehallett
33. savingholmes
34. lucylema
35. sallymander
36. scarlett82
37. lynzpik
38. doodledo
39. bikerchick1066 £799.59
40. pippo
41. scorgeous
42. twiglett66
43. hypno06
44. tinkerbel
45. Nichola5678
46. skintbuthappy
47. wendz86
48. Newbeginning
49. my mess
50. curly b
51. Rummer
52. boo80
53. Pollydaydream
54. debt cruncher
55. **kym**
56. Bebsie
57. AliceMegan93
58. efesbaby
59. shrimpy_80 £333.55
60. welshsaver
61. billyblobberyl
62. skintwellie
63. itchyfeet
64. fedupandskint
65. blimusOreilly
66. AuntyH £249.99
67. boopydoo
68. bubbahut
69. poppyjay
70. debjones25
71. xandersmum
72. ellyjay20
73. kindofagilr
74. AlwaysHappy ')" rel="nofollow"> 315.51
75. sweetpeas
76. aspella
77. novagirl
78. sparkle21
79. flowerfairy159
80. pinkneonmartini
81. Broken hearted
82. PigginSkint
83. diadeb
84. lysasparkles
85. mumps
86. macsam ')" rel="nofollow">
87. sofarfromhope
88. dooverylittle
89. keys £316.35
90. mrssainted76
91. Nicki_sue
92. miss bez
93. miecherox
94. vanpiggy
95. caty333
96. mrssezzie
97. PaulB79
98. andan
99. glitterjunkie £437.06')" rel="nofollow">



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