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I have my medical for DLA next week. They wanted to come to my house but I asked to go to them (I live where I work, and I don't want my colleagues knowing I've applied). I'm encouraged to get this far. I applied for DLA when I first got FMS, but got turned down within one week. 9 years on I've got the courage up to try again.

I've a couple of concerns:
1) I'm worst first thing in the morning and in the evening. My medical is early afternoon - my best time of day. I took this appointment so that I can actually manage to get there. But it means they won't see me at my worst.

2) With walking, I do experience discomfort, but I tend to hide it instinctively (I work, and I've learned not to let clients see me suffer). I'm worried I'll do this out of habit in the medical.

3) Again with walking, while I can walk, I tend to be exhausted afterwards - yesterday I walked from the GP's gate to reception to pick up a prescription and I was exhausted for the rest of the day.

4) I have a tremor in my hands but it's not consistent. One minute it's a mild shake, the next I can't hold a cup. But I can be fine for hours at a time, and again, early afternoon is my best time.

I'm concerned because all of these sound like the 'I know I don't look sick, but I am really' issues that DWP are so sceptical of. Any suggestions of what I can do to make the Dr see I'm telling the truth? And should I mention that I work or not? I'm really nervous of this - I know people just say tell the truth, but I've had FMS long enough to know that most people don't believe the truth.


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