water off three times in 6 weeks compo????

just a quick moan, we reported low water pressure on 18th Dec engineer arrived after dinner (6.00pm) and said it must be a burst and he would be out first thing to fix it.monday men came out to try to fix burst, later on monday water went off and stayed off, reported again tuesday morning and said it would be soon fixed, water back on tuesday lunchtime, all that time with no water to flush loo, no hot water etc!!! then blow me if we had low pressure on christmas eve, reported it, he looked and coudnt find leak, water went off about 7.00pm, Christmas day they came to look for burst, fixed it about lunchtime, all christmas plans ruined, guests rang and put off till boXing day (cant Expect guests to use loo with no flush!) also no hot water for washing showers etc, disaster! then water low pressure again on 25th january from 5am reported it and mended it around lunchtime, I have written for compo, I claimed one payment for water being off for more that 12 hours and one for low pressure twice in a month, they are refusing the low water pressure payment as they say it wasnt low pressure it was a burst, they have said they are going to pay me £30 as a good will gesture, I know what I think about their good will gesure, what do you all think?
anyone know if I can claim more??? I am so cross, I am waiting till I have cooled off before I write again, just another note I am in welsh water region, on the website and in the leaflet under the compo for low water pressure it dosn't say ......but not if it is connected to having a burst main or anything like that. I think all the hassle I have suffered I should get more.
look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.
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