holes in washing machine door seal!! Help!

hi, my washing machine has started making a lot of noise when spinning, :eek:when i investigated, there's three small holes in the rubber seal around the door. also found a small sharp stone (must have hidden in the kids pockets):mad: so i think that's what's done the damage. is it safe to continue using it? and does anyone have an idea of how much this will cost to repair? just my luck the machine is just past warranty!!! :mad: i'd be grateful for any advice.

cheers, sally.
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    you should be able to get a replacement door seal, and

    are quite easy to fit, though I would think that you will still

    be able to use it, just put a wee load in and give it a run

    through, keeping your eye on it to start with, incase of any

    Y'all take care now.

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    You may be covered by household insurance. When I rang up about my dishwasher they asked if it wasn't working due to something I'd done - eg dropped a glass in it. As it was more like wear and tear they said I wasn't covered. However, yours is an accident as a stone accidentally got in there. It's worth a try anyway. good luck
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    I wouldn't claim on the house insurance for such a thing.....
    I doubt if a local washing machine rpairer would charge much more than the excess.
    No wonder insurance costs keep going up if people claim for such small things.
    I view house insurance being there for major expense, not minor maintenance issues.
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    sorry I spoke!
  • I wouldn't call not emptying pockets an 'accident' - that's being negligent, in my book.

    (No need to apologise a second time, MelB ;))
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    As long as it's not leaking then it'll still be OK to use. If it does start to leak then a replacement seal is easy to buy online, and is not too difficult to fit - but if you're not confident then try and find a local independant "household appliances" type shop, they won't charge much to fix it for you.
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    Ours was split and we used it for about 3 months. It was when we did a regular 'maintenance' cycle - no clothes in it that it flooded the kitchen as it filled with more water and there were no clothes to soak the water up.

    A replacement was fitted for £88 by a local company - the part was £40.

    Job looked very fiddly and it's not something I'd have attempted without knowledge - there were a few hidden parts which needed removing before getting the seal out and the fitter complained that it was tough on the finger tips - took him about an hour.
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    Replacing the door seal is a relatively inexpensive job. I would be wary of using it until it is repaired as water might leak internally onto wiring or a circuit board making it a much more expensive repair.
    Holes in the door seal should not make the spin more noisy. Clean the filter on the drain pump in case there are more stones in there. If it is still noisy then there might be hidden damage or the drum bearings worn (coincidence).
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