Electronic descaler

Does anyone know if these or had any experience with using these electronic descalers:
- Limescaleaway.co.uk
- Scalewatcher.co.uk
- Scalewizard.co.uk
- Screwfix.com
There appear to be a number on the market, but vary hugely in price (£39 to £300). They claim to eliminate hard water scale and descale your complete water system, how effective are they? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • I'm not familiar with most of those brands, but know that the main reputable brands are fernox, sentinel, liff, salamander and waterking (life science).

    The easiest systems to install are those that use wires to wrap around the pipes - thus you don't need to cut into the pipes at all - check out the Waterking, Liff Wrappa and Salamander Waterwave.

    Other products are "inline" and work either magnetically or electrolitically (by changing the water particles).

    There's a fairly high degree of scepticism about all of these products, although tests show that they do reduce scale. Most plumbers will swear by one product, although opinion varies on what that product is! It's also often advisable to have a specific scale inhibitor just to protect your boiler, especially if you've got a combi (combicare, combimate are the two big brands).

    I fitted a Water King at home, which comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied - to be honest, I haven't noticed a marked improvement but that tends to be the way with scale reducers - often the work they do is unseen (ie. adding life to appliances).

    There's no comparison between these and a water softener which can cost about £400 but which is much much better - check out Tapworks and Culligan for good ranges.
  • I have a Tapworks watersoftener, no problems, just put Tablet salt in container every month. Once you have had a bath in soft water you will be converted, if you currently live in a hard water area.;)
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    I was about to order waterking.co.uk after reading about the way it works and the claim it reduces existing limescale. Water is really hard where I live and it is killing everything - especially the washing machine and dishwasher, clothes come out really rough and we have to use descalers constantly :(

    I hadn't wanted to spend hundreds of pounds on a salt system which left drinking water unsafe and thought an electronic descaler would be the answer

    Has anyone tried these with any success?
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    I've just done some random Google searching on this. For example: http://www.chem1.com/CQ/magscams.html
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    Aaah 'Junk science in the marketplace' not entirely dismissed but not proven either...

    with no real benefits reported, I guess this is not the money saving device I was after..... wish those other water softners weren't so expensive!
  • We've found the electronic system to work in our last house but not in our current one. I've been told that it's just down to the mineral content of your water source! We resorted to buying a water softner after hot water tank fell apart and shower was always blocking - no problems since (8 years)
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    Other products are "inline" and work either magnetically or electrolitically (by changing the water particles).

    This is complete rubbish.
    There's a fairly high degree of scepticism about all of these products, although tests show that they do reduce scale.

    No they don't. Follow tomstickland's link and you'll find as much info as you're likely to need.

    The only reliable way to treat your water is by using a water softener. Whilst you can't drink the water that has been softened, it is standard procedure to have a separate tap direct from the mains for drinking water.
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    If you want to experiment with an electronic scale inhibitor then Maplin sell one for £5.99:


    You will need a power supply for it - most multi-voltage ones will work or Maplin sell one for £7.99 - MG81C:


    So £13.98 total if you don't have a suitable power supply already - P&P is £2.50 if you don't have a local store.


  • BadgergalBadgergal Forumite
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    I bought a scalewizard over a year ago and I wish I didn't, it has not made a bit of difference to my hard as nails London water. You live and learn!
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