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E.on Charges

Hello all,

I have just check my gas and elec bills :eek: only to find that I am £370 in credit!! :money::money:

But before I give my self a pat on the back I checked the payment history ;) and found E.on are still taking £60 a month from my bank account :mad::huh::naughty:
So thats £180 per quarter I am paying but only using about £100 in gas and elec! :T

So I called E.on who said that they have to take a payment every month so I don't get in to the position where I owe them money, but when I explained that I wasn't using that much the chappy on the end of the phone couldn't get rid of me quick enough!

Surely I could ask to stop the payments until my account was back to £0?

any help or advise please? :confused:


  • Premier_2
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    You should be able to get your monthly payments reduced to reflect more accurately your consumption.
    They probably won't stop collecting in total, but should be able to temporarily lower your collection amounts by a little bit more until you've lowered your credit built up.

    Or just ask them to refund you the £370 credit and lower your collections to match your consumption.

    Better still, use the comparison sites above to check you are on the best deal. If it suggests a bigger saving would be made with an alternative supplier, switch to make those savings and you'll get the £370 credit back too on account closure. :)
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  • Nigella_2
    Nigella_2 Posts: 355 Forumite
    Maybe you should wait until you have had your Spring bill and then ask for a refund.
    trnsp.gif Answer [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]On occasions the supplier will not refund the consumer. This could be due to the fact that the refund is requested in the summer months, as the whole point of the direct debit scheme is to even out payments so that people do not have high winter bills[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]The consumer should in theory build up a credit over the summer months but this should then go towards the higher bills in winter. If the supplier were to refund then this could cause the consumer to go into debt in the winter months
  • E.ON_Company_Representative:_Helena
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    Hi NorhternMonkey,

    I wouldn't cancel the Direct Debit as you will lose your discount and may not be eligible for your current tariff.

    But I would definitely ask for the payments to be re-calculated and maybe even a refund for part of the credit.

    Make sure you leave enough on for your next bill :) and check your latest bill is billed to accurate meter readings.

    Hope this helps.

    Helena :)
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    The call takers on the phone initially are just trying to fob you off to get through as many calls as possible.
    When I had a problem with a high direct debit I complained in writing and finally got through to the actual customer complaints dept who were prepared to listen to my points about consumption and we agreed a figure acceptable to us both.

    You can try writing or phone again to see if you can get someone a bit more use (or if required a manager). I would have thought if you point out that you are so far in credit AFTER the most expensive quarter of the year they should agree a lower DD and/or a refund of the credit, but you will probably have to push it. These companies are desparately trying to grab as much cash as they can.
    Have a look at the LOOOONNNGGG thread about high DDs on this section of the forum.
    If you cancel the DD depending on your current tariff they may push up your charges (some are dependant on being a DD payer).
    Good Luck
    ali x
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  • ragz_2
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    I had a similar thing, was £200 in credit with Eon, asked them if I could have th emoney they said no, my winter bill would cover it. Got winter bill last month which has taken me down to £126 in credit and so they reduced my monthly bill by.....
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