Having done car boots for many years now is it me or have car boot sales changed .... while sitting waiting to get get in we noticed the car in front had 4 guys sitting with what appeared to be nothing to sell until they opened boot got their table out and proceeded to lay out 100s of copies of the the latest DVDs shouting at the top of their voices 4 for a tenna ( and the stall was packed for nearly 3 hours.... as I had plenty of time to look round because no-one was interested in my MYSON gas fire surround ( ming period ) we noticed 9 OTHER people also selling copied DVDs not only this but at least 3/4 of the items being sold on stalls & from the back of HUGE white transit vans wouldn`t have looked out of place in any local high street shop... BRAND NEW clothes,paint,locks,sweets,toys,stationary.. ECT .. and hardly anyone doing what I would call real car boot items i.e. BRICK-A-BRACK..... but what really took the biscuit was someone charging 70p for a can of pop with a R.R.P of 39p stamped all over it & FULL price for out-of-date chocolate bars.............. DID HAVE A GOOD CHUCKLE NEAR END OF SALE THOUGH... it spread like wildfire that TRADING STANDARDS was in the carboot and it was great fun watching these huge, big mouthed, macho guys running round like headless chickens while at the same time watching the colour draining from their faces trying to hide their car number plate... needless to say they scurried away very fast like little frightened mice !!


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    Can never understand why Police, trading standards and D.S.S dont trawl them, what a haul they would have. Around here half of those 'trading' are probably on the dole, some of the goods are nicked, some counterfit. Take them out and the fields would be much emptier.
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    The bottom line is that while there are cheats, thieves and low-lifes buying these counterfeit goods they will keep appearing in car boot sales and markets all over the country.

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    Around here, (west mids ) Police and trading standards regularly raid car boot sales looking for these type of rip off merchants. one morning recently they seized nearly £500000 of pirated dvds films , computer software and music. But guess what , the very same traders were back with new supplies the same afternoon. As Ivanopinion says, as long as people keep buying the stuff, these people will flourish.
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    Sussex Police and Trading standards are regularly doing sweeps of Car Boots in their area and Kent County Council have brought in licenses for Car Boot Traders to certify that they are not selling counterfeit goods, which apparently they are thinking of bringing in countrywide. I'm sure this system can be abused, but they seem to think it is working very well.

    As for the counterfeit DVDs, you can get real ones so cheap on eBay and, plus the knock-offs are such poor quality, that even as cheap as they are, they are a total waste of time.
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    :-/wonder where, if we all feel this way, where are their customers coming from? why do people buy from them, its not as if it has not been on t.v. etc.
    Car boots have as the orginal poster said changed ,same as charity shops, the prices are sometimes more expensive than high street shops.
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