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  • Might be hard getting pregnant as a bloke but could be a possibility :o

    For the last week ive kinda worked out if i keep busy i dont notice it. if i sit down to have a read of the paper or listen to some music the buzzing gets louder.

    cheers folks.
  • Went to the docs the other day and he didnt have much of a clue. Musta been in their all of 3 minutes untill he said he would refer me to a ENT specialist.

    Good news but itll probably take months for an appointment lol


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    Hi Alba
    Presume your doc had the good sense to have a good look inside your ears - surprised you weren't prescribed at least an antibiotic in case of some kind of infection... I know docs are a bit more restrained in their use, but if this thing is caught early enough then the effects may not be permanent. I did have the antibiotics first - but was abroad when the infection set in and it was a couple of weeks before I saw a doc. By the time I got to the ENT specialist the damage was done and there was no cure for me!

    You could also try another possible remedy - something bought over the counter - Pseudoephedrine - a decongestant found in various meds - like Sudafed, I think!

    Explained this already on here... - didn't actually realise I had a cold - the only symptom was the tinnitus getting louder, doc prescribed 60mg tabs. The pseudoephedrine worked within a day and got the noise levels down again. Didn't need to finish the course, so keeping the rest of the tabs handy just in case!!
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    the barefoot doctor was on with a guy with tinnitus
    and he asked him had he had a traumatic experience before it started sure enough the guys brother had died in a road accident.
    doc said its due to kidneys going into shock and they rule the ears
    sounded like a load of cobblers to me and to the guy
    but he got him to do some exercises and in 4 weeks the tinnitus had gone after having it since 1996
    might be worth a look see in his web site
  • amd, I would have thought he had a close look inside to check for infectiona nd stuff, but will get some of that Pseudoephedrines just incase :-)

    Im not paying as much attention to the rining as I once did so im gradually getting used to it now after a couple of weeks. pain in the !!!!!! getting to sleep tho regardless :-)


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    pain in the !!!!!! getting to sleep tho regardless :-)
    that's where the white noise can come in handy. Detune a radio, leave it on low and see if that helps!
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  • Why not try Hopi Ear Candling?? It is a particularly soothing therapy and may help to clear any blockages in your ears. Look under Complementary Therapists in your area. Make sure they are qualified and/or registered with some professional association like the Association of Natural Medicine.
    Good luck
    Allycat xx
  • Aha! But what if you don't have Therapists in your area?
    I have Menières Disease and the tinnitus can get so bad that I look round to see if anyone can hear the terrible noise coming out of my left ear!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think I've had this for years; only recently have I been referred to the local Ear Nose and Throat department. Haven't heard from them yet, though.

    That idea about ultrasonics seems promising. What would happen if I stuck my new Ultrasonex toothbrush in my ear? ;)

    Also heard about that ear-candle thingy in Scientific American... I looked it up again on the web; sure enough, it was in an article on 'bunkum'.
  • I'm going to move this over to the new health board. i realise this an old thread that has been bumped up but I feel it would be more suitabley placed over there
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