Builder has blocked drains. Trouble getting hin to sort it!

in Wales
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Had front of the house blocked paved just before Christmas. Now front drain blocked with sand and cement. Causes other drains to back up. Have tried to remove gung by hand but more serious. Have phoned buider server times. Has come twice but not sorted it yet. Hope he will come again tomorrow, but if still problem am I entiled to get someone else to sort it and then send him the bill. Afraid it is starting to effecte sewer. Can anyone advise please or had a similar problem?


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    Do you have an inspection chamber? I would imagine that if your builder has returned twice he will have made some effort to clear the blockages.

    I have a rodding set and powerwash jet you can borrow if that helps.

    If a load of building waste has gone down the drains you may need a specialist to do a camera survey. The problem is if you call them in and pay yourself then you might not get that back easily fom the builder.
  • Thanks vey much to Barnabee for replying. I have asked a local tradesman to come and jetwash the drain for me. The buider did come and clear our all the gunk, but didn't have the equipment to rod round the s type trap into the main drain. He did pour some bleach in and that seems to have cleared it partially so hopefully it may not be as bad as I first thought. I might try some caustic soda as well.
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