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    I have a very old 14" portable TV with no scart socket, it also cannot be tuned in as the remote control unit failed a few years ago, so I can only receive the basic 4 channels (yes its that old even ch5 isnt tuned in). Once the analogue reception is switched off later this year (Granada region) this TV will be completely useless.

    It is only used occasionally in the spare room, so my question is, should I buy a new TV now or wait until after the switchover? Argos do a 14" LCD with built in freeview for £100. Do you think that TV's will be cheaper than this after the switchover and will retailer be doing more special offers?

    Go to ASDA online and buy their super offer of a 19 inch flat LCD with freeview, HD ready etc, for £130.:j
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    I think the point was not to waste a perfectly functional TV?
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    aloiseb has got it right I reckon, spending £130 isn't what the OP is after. However I wouldn't call the TV perfectly functional, and there ARE perfectly functional TVs this size and bigger on Freecycle - meaning that another TV won't go to waste, even if this broken one does...
    spike70 let us know what you do
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