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Missing money due to wrong reference - help!!

I'm looking for a bit of advice. My OH was paying her credit card using online banking from her current account. She had to configure a new payee, but for security reasons you can now pick from a predetermined list of "usual suspects". Her CC was on the list so she chose it and put in the amount. Then it asked for a "reference". When she pays money into other people's accounts, the reference is just for note and appears on the recipients statement, however when you pay a credit card the "reference" needs to be the CC number.

She put in something like "CREDIT CARD PAYMENT" then hit send. It accepted it! The money left her account and she was obviously worried because she hadn't put in the number of the CC. She phoned her bank and they have told her that although they put a "trace" on it, it may take 10 days and she might not get the money back. They have advised her to make the payment again, but it isn't a small amount of money. I asked her to contact her CC people too but they don't seem to be much help, just telling her that the money hasn't reached her account (durrr!)

Any ideas? Surely the money can't have just disappeared into the ether?


  • goonasuk
    goonasuk Posts: 90 Forumite
    After a certain amount of time the money should just go back into her account, it is very unlikely it will be lost. How long it takes is another issue.
    CLAPTON Posts: 41,865 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    It normally takes a few days to reach the CC company.

    As it won't have a proper reference it will go into a suspense a/c. The CC company should easily be able to find it from the amount and her bank details.
    However if she has asked her bank to get it back this may causee some complications.
  • nomoneytoday
    nomoneytoday Posts: 4,866 Forumite
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    It will sit on a nostro account as unapplied.
    After a few days it will be returned back to the sender
    Your bank can then apply it back to your account
  • brightonman123
    brightonman123 Posts: 8,532 Forumite
    contact your bank- may have more weight getting payment 'made in error' ..

    (have seen it done at work, when a solicitor firm of all people duped a £50k pymt!).
    Long time away from MSE, been dealing real life stuff..
    Sometimes seen lurking on the compers forum :-)
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