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I've been trying to find and book a holiday for days and days now.  I've spent ages ringing around and looking at the same reseller deals across the net.

I recently found a good price....then in true MSE style went to the tour operator's website to price it directly :)  I tried to see what was on offer with the boots vouchers I have but they were not very useful.  I'm sure people are familiar with seeing one price quoted only to be hit for charges for this, charges for that and surcharges etc. etc.

I found a trip to the Dominican republic for £1028 - 2% extra to pay by credit card....this is definitely required as I'm struggling at the mo...

In between finding it and agreeing it with the boss, researching the hotel and checking visa requirements the price went up, twice! by £10 a time.

I called them up (Thomas Cook) but they said this was normal and they would not honour the earlier price.  I left it.

After days and days of searching I had about given up... but I found a deal on teletext.....surprise surprise - same exact holiday.  Called them (Hays Travel) up and sure enough the all in price was around £1070.  I mentioned the £1028 (by now £1048 ) price and they said sorry....they can't do any better....but they would match it  ;D  no checking of my deal required.

I was very happy....and even more so when they confirmed I would not have to pay any extra for using my visa card to pay - I think this is unheard of....to me at least.  Cashback on my egg card  ;D

With the £20.50 charge not being made this ended up being cheaper than going to the tour operator directly.

The people I spoke to were really friendly and helpful and the sale was a breeze.  So after lots of stress I can now look forward to late September.

A bit extravagant for a money saver maybe....but DR is one of the few places my Russian girlfriend can travel without needing a visa...and it's All Inclusive so no more spending on drinks etc as I'd do usually.

Hays are the biggest independent ABTA travel agent so they say - and their website (saw later) has a "price promise".  Will certainly use them again.


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    Hays have branches all over the north east of England and i can vouch for them.I have had many really good and decent priced holidays booked through them and there service and staff are great.Thumbs up to Hays Travel :)
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    Got my receipt today - it quotes the original price and a £111 discount (about 10%). Gotta be happy with that.

    The tickets won't come for a while but they made that clear enough. Come to think of it I vaguely recollect a branch in Nuneaton...will have a look. Cheers.
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