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Is your tenant growing cannabis?



  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    i would post a reply but got to check on my plants
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  • blckbrdblckbrd Forumite
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    I have got a bit of a dog-nose but is it just me who can smell a farm from the street???
    Opinion, advice and information are different things. Don't be surprised if you receive all 3 in response. :D
  • Four men were arrested in a raid on a cannabis factory.
    The men, who are all believed to be Vietnamese, were arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis after police raided a top-floor flat in Sussex Street, Littlehampton, on Thursday.
    More than eight kilos of cannabis were seized. Officers said specialist growing equipment had been set up in the flat.
    The men were being questioned in custody yesterday.
    The UK Border Agency is investigating whether the men have a right to be in the country.
  • Electric company workers have also been known to grass on grass growers by informing the police of their concerns that a house is using far to much electricity for its size. (Usually discovered when they are working on the electrics in the area).

    People have been caught because people noticed and reported lack of frost on a roof..
    [greenhighlight]but it matters when the most senior politician in the land is happy to use language and examples that are simply not true.
    The impact of this is to stigmatise people on benefits,
    and we should be deeply worried about that
    [/redtitle](house of lords debate, talking about Cameron)
  • I'm from north Aberdeenshire, we are farmers < see my avatar

    We have neighbours who rented out a farmhouse to Orientals; Chinese I think (our tenant is malaysian; she's brill :D ) but anyway, their tenants turned their place into a canabis factory

    I think they were caught because their bypassing of the meter meant a bill in pennies rather than pounds

    It seems to be this far north, far eastern people renting really rural properties; a bit of the same theory of Londoners running away with underage girls to the far north :rotfl:forgetting we know the colour of our neighbours loo roll this far north :p so spot "strange" couples very quickly
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