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Good Garage Scheme

in Motoring
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eamoneamon Forumite
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Hello Folks

Its getting close to when my current car needs its MOT & service. Last Sunday whilst walking home from mass (I'm a god fearing Irish catholic) I noticed that a small independent garage is a member of the Good Garage Scheme. I've googled it and found numerous garages and lots of feedback etc.

Is this scheme as useful as it portrays?




  • Hi Eamon,

    I cant comment on the garage you're talking about pesonally, but no, I don't think it is as useful as it portrays.

    I work at an independent garage and we declined to enter in to the "good garage" scheme.

    Not because we're not a good garage just the fact that it's a scheme set up by Forte (who manufacture motoring consumables) so as an incentive to buy their products they will promote your business for you.

    They have no control over who are good or who are bad.

    Something we didn't want to be tied into.


  • Quinny_2Quinny_2 Forumite
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    Or the other way,is to post where you are,and maybe a MSE forum member may live nearby and know of a good garage.
    That's my mutt in the picture above.
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