Bought a Stolen Car without Knowing it

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  • The fact the police left the car with you suggests something is not quite as it seems.
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    this happened to us many many years ago we bought it from a private sale in a newspaper had hpi report done there and then through a advert in the auto trader it came back clear was only when we came to sell it the man that was interested in buying it was a trader checked it out and said it was still on hp we said no its not we have a report here luckily we kept everything from the advert down to the receipt hpi report etc any way after a few weeks when we proved we bought it legit and had a hpi report done that was clear we were allowed to keep it i think it was the insurance company not to sure as it was years ago
    some slip through the system on hpi reports i think its to do with some on buying it then re selling it on quickly thats what we were told

    good luck hope you get on okay

  • An insurance company has already paid out for the theft of the car - so I guess the car belongs to them and not an individual.

    The police left the vehicle with me but made me sign a statement saying that I would not try to sell the car and I would be committing an offence if I did.

    I rang the dealer yesterday and he just thought it was funny and even tried to deny he had sold me the car though I have the paperwork to prove it.

    This makes a mockery of having an HPI check done as if the vehicle has been stolen but not yet recorded as stolen, then the HPI check will show a clear.

    I am already in the middle of sueing the dealer as he falsified the service history of the car before selling it to me - he stamped the service book with false BMW Sytner service stamps showing a full service history when there wasn't one.

    That was small claims court, I guess that now it has to go to the county court as I need to sue for the cost of the car and all the extra I have spent on it.

    I am doing the honest thing by contacting the Insurance Company involved tomorrow and having a heart to heart.

    I guess the worst case scenario would be that I would have to buy the vehicle from the insurance company (as my children love the car) - then I would have paid for the vehicle twice :(
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    I am sure the advice from a solicitor would be NOT to speak to the dealer at all,how can you be sure he is not implicated in the theft.
    Surely the stuff about the Sytner stamps is a matter for Trading Standards.
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    Would u care to name the "Dealer"?
  • I won't name him yet as I need to speak to my solicitor first.

    Trading Standards are useless. I supplied them with all the paper work for the forged service book - including a letter from Sytners that they had not carried out the the last service even though their name was in the book - but Trading Standards did nothing.
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    Have you asked them why they haven't done anything? The reason?
  • I have rang them a number of times but they won't tell me anything.
    Maybe they think this is not a big enough fish for them.
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    Maybe the Police are involved with the dealer.I mean they are investigating him.
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    The police do leave people with the vehicles in some of these cases and then send round a police vehicle examiner and then take it
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