Can I find out before I move in?

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Me and my husband are due to move into a house next month (renting) and am keen to start my budget planner before I move in so as not to be surprisewd by hidden or unexpected costs.

I know the layout of the property (how many radiators etc) and even have the postcode.

Is there anyway I can find out he estimated cost of Gas, Electric, Water, Council Tax etc etc before I move in? If so where do I get the info?




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    I would think the only one you could find out about is Council Tax. The local council will tell you which band it is in and the charges for that band.

    The Gas/Electricity/water will depend on how much you use. You don't even know which utility company supply gas and electricity and I doubt they would tell you anyway.

    Is it not possible to ask the current occupants? or neighbours.
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    Ghosthunter, as Cardrew said you can easily find out the council tax through the local council. Water rates you can call the supplier (eg Welsh Water, severn trent, thamesetc), however it may be that there is a water meter installed, is there?
    With electricity, gas how much do you spend now - you have a fair idea, and you can switch provders. It sounds as though the house your moving to is larger that where you are now - sounds like it's gas central heating - you can turn some radiators off, as summer is coming (hopefully) it will be a good time. With gas central heating make sure you turn down the thermostat just a degree or so when it's not so cold.

    As it is a rented property, the landlord has to have the boiler, gas cooker etc tested annually (it is the landlord's responsibility) and you should have a certificate to show this.

    Why not also get some low energy light bulbs.

    Anyway, hope things work out and good luck with your new home - always exciting. ;)
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