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  • And for all us that help the BG's :j :j Ok i'll get me coat :(
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    rchddap1 wrote:
    If only I'd have known I'd have picked one up at the weekend for OH. He's probably give me a pat on the back for money saving again.

    I agree, my husband would LOVE this and probably proudly display it on his desk at work!

    On second thoughts, if he bought one for me, I'd probably tick him off for spending too much, as we don't usually buy each other cards. I prefer to put the money in our savings account instead! Even 8p would make a difference!
    He is very romantic in ways that cost nothing, that show he's used a bit of thought. We met as penniless students, and we enjoyed making our grants stretch as far as possible. Remember grants?!? I must be showing my age now!

    A while ago he stopped at Somerfield on his way home from work to pick up their free mag which has a lot of coupons in it. I was thrilled to bits! He calls it "coupon !!!!!!" as he knows I don't get these mags for the articles...

    (I'm a bit cynical and think that Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc are usually just big marketing opportunities. Not knocking those who enjoy cards, though. It's just that we are trying very hard to save up and are cutting out non-essentials. It will be worth it when we reach our goal.)

    As for Asda's Smartprice Valentine's card: I think it's a good idea, but only if you get maximum return from it by recycling it every year! Just pass it back and forth :love:
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    Why not make your own - much more personal. Most of us have got a few bits of paper,card, ribbon etc around the place. Come on - use your imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Weight loss - here we go again - watch this space!

    US...........And them............
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    redux wrote:
    Martin's right - I don't like the undertone

    Perhaps people are reading too much into this card?! Few people are going to buy this as a serious present! It's more of a joke - maybe to give to someone you know who is exceptionally tight. The SmartPrice branding is part of the joke. It's a brilliant piece of marketing by Asda generating loads of media coverage and might encourage a few people into their stores. It's not an original idea though - last year an e-mail was doing the rounds showing a Valentine card in Tescos blue and white 'value' branding.
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    I think Martin's cracked it - the branding has made it 'cheap' not necessarily the price.
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    Has anybody actually bought one of these cards ??

    Neither of the ASDAs in Derby have ever had them and do not know anything about them !!! They even phoned other stores who were also totally oblivious of their existance.

    They wondered if it was some sort of spoof that had been created by the media, a rival or a prankster!
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    I wish i had known before, i could have saved myself £3 :grinheart
  • Anyone wanna send me one :happylove Ive got on objections to getting one.
    :j Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus :j

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    I think the card is great - and yes, it is a joke card. You would not buy it for anyone who would not appreciate the joke.
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    i went into my local store to get one but there weren't any left. Not sure what that says about the area I live in!
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