Baby booster seat (high chair) on folding chair

I have just bought a booster seat (like a high chair, not one for the car) for my DS in readiness for starting solids, and we are also thinking of getting a new dining table as ours is too big and does not fold. I like the idea of a butterfly fold table with the folding chairs as this would give us loads more space when we are not eating, but I saw a review on a similar booster seat to the one we have warning that the reviewer's child fell out of the seat when it was on a folding chair.

There is no warning on the packaging or instructions which came with the booster seat regarding folding chairs and it is secured to the chair by two straps, one which fastens under the seat and another which fastens around the seat back.

So I suppose my question is, is it safe to use a booster seat on a folding chair? I wouldn't want to buy them and find we can't use them!
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    In general, I would say that folding chairs are less stable and solid than non-folding chairs. But whether it would be safe would depend on the design of both booster and chair.

    Couple of suggestions, take the booster with you when choosing the new chairs, or keep one non-folding chair for use with the booster seat. You probably won't want to be bothered taking it off and folding the chair up between meals, and you'll have to keep the booster seat somewhere so on a chair seems as good a place as any. Plus whichever seat you use is likely to become slightly crusted with food, so using an old one for that could be a good plan. :wink:
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    We use our nephews booster type seat (with one strap under and one round the back) on our folding chairs and never had a problem, it feels as secure as when it's on a standard chair. I guess it depends on the exact booster seat and exact folding chair, so do what Savvy Sue suggests and take the seat with you when choosing the new dining set.
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