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help with new household??



  • I know someone else suggested this but I just want to emphasise how useful and free it is. I only recently joined my local group and so far have received an exercise bike and a dehumifier, the first one was offered and the second I asked for. I have given away a chest of drawers, a broken set of GHD's (someone asked for a broken set to mend their own!) some kids Ikea furniture and a computer. If you need something ask for it - someone may have a spare or unused item, it is especially useful to get something to tide you over until you can afford the one you really want. So you may get the freezer and slow cooker you need from Freecycle, free and will help you save even more money
  • Hawthorn
    Hawthorn Posts: 1,241 Forumite
    liney wrote: »
    You do need Stardrops, washing up liquid, thick bleach and Oven cleaner.

    Actually, regarding the oven cleaner, I disagree (sorry) Reason for this is, I got so sick of it taking so long to do a job like cleaning a cooker.....and lets be honest, it's one of those things most people will put off in favour of something else.....I clean mine out weekly, or if something does spill, clean it up as soon as it's cooled. I know you're doing it more often, but it's a five minute job with a bit of cream cleanser/stardrops to keep it looking great.....and none of that oogy black stuff that looks like tar!
    If I know I'm doing a job that could spill (pie or something like that) I line the bottom with a bit of foil, or put a baking sheet underneath it.
    Proud to be dealing with my debts :T

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  • xxvickixx
    xxvickixx Posts: 2,773 Forumite
    Think about a joint bank account for the household grocery shopping.
    With my ex we took it in turns to pay for the shopping but some weeks (mine) it was more expensive. I always seemed to do the top up shops when we ran out of something so was out of pocket there too. My ex was such a tightwad and I am not suggesting that your fiance is like this lol!

    An idea is to set one up with no overdraft (to protect yourself) and keep all receipts. Check the account and the receipts monthly. This will be a good way of testing the waters with a totally joint babk account.

    I love the joint account, it makes each of us much more responsible as we think hard before buying anything. I know it's not for everyone but it works for us.
  • kjn1000
    kjn1000 Posts: 20 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Thanks all of you you've really been a help so far..... what are stardrops and where do i get them??? im starting on the meal plan as i love cooking anyway..... anyone got a good system of making sure you stick to it?
  • Olliebeak
    Olliebeak Posts: 3,167 Forumite
    A good way is to mealplan together.

    That way, he's having some input and not just having to eat something because you say that's what he's having on that day :D.

    Ask him what kinds of things he likes to eat. Work out what you feel you can cook and then go with that, but have an experiment each week. You'll soon get more confident as you go along - this from somebody who couldn't even boil eggs without burning them before getting married!

    If we have a meat, potato and veg meal one evening then we will have something much lighter the following evening. At least one day a week we have something 'on toast' and another evening is jacket potato with a filling. Vary the ways that you serve potatoes - mash one evening, roasties, chips. We find that we only have chips once or twice a month at the most and those are oven chips as we don't possess a chip pan.

    OH loves fish, but I'm not too keen - to be honest, I have a real phobia where the darn things are concerned. If it looks like a fish, or smells like a fish, then I just don't eat it (or look at it) and it's as simple as that! So on the evenings that he wants to cook fish, then I'll have something else and sit in the living room while he indulges his tastebuds in the dining room lol ;).

    good luck - setting up home for the first time is really exciting so make the most of it but be sure to make it a partnership!
  • Maisie
    Maisie Posts: 1,343 Forumite
    Encourage your OH to have a go at cooking and learn together. A good time to both learn.

    We've been married many years and I started off the wrong way by doing most of the household jobs. OH still doesn't know and won't learn how to cook. He will do some other jobs but won't cook. How good it would be to have a nice meal that I didn't have to cook!

    Good luck to you both. You're starting the right way.
  • jimbugalee
    jimbugalee Posts: 531 Forumite
    I know this is a little late but this post was really useful for me.

    I currently live in a flat by myself and although my boyfriend doesn't live here he is here most of the time. We have bought a house together and are due to move in a few weeks time. Eeek scary stuff!

    I think it will be a change for us both as currently I do all of the cleaning, washing and cooking and paying for everything. This was something I had wanted to do as this is my flat and I wanted to take responsiblity for all of that no matter if my boyfriend was around or not.

    I think we will have to sit down and discuss the jobs as mentioned above as I can see me carrying on doing everything ... even with boyfriend's best intentions! I think it will even out as the house needs a lot of work so my boyfriend will be spending a lot of time doing that. Also, I work from home so it makes more sense for me to cook dinner, do the washing etc.

    I have a plan that as I am away for 2 days a week most weeks that I hope my boyfriend will do the oustanding jobs as I would do them while I am away (I don't mean up to my standards!) e.g. any washing, emptying dishwasher etc.

    We have a joint bank account and are both happy with the money situation but yes I am going to keep an eye on everything we spend for a first few months (maybe longer) .... I think it'll be interesting :)

    Thanks for all of the advice in this thread a nd hope you and boyfriend are settling in well kjn1000 :)
  • sb88_2
    sb88_2 Posts: 194 Forumite
    Hi Katie,

    I'm in the same boat as you!

    I'm 22, recently engaged ( NYE) and buying a house, we haven't got our move in date yet, but once we finish the decorating, It'll probably be september!

    I am playing housewife for the time being, but I don't work, trying to, but its a difficult time, I'm fine with this, because I love to cook, and organise, and plan. I sat down the other day, and worked out a meal plan for our first month together, we agreed on it together (I did it , he looked it over and said that was fine )

    planning has most certainly helped to make our budget, but it is a budget, now we need to stick to it!

    Goodluck, and keep in touch, I'd love to know how you get on :)
    We could share helpful things we learn on the way!

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  • kjn1000
    kjn1000 Posts: 20 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Hi All,

    Not sure how many of you will read this but I have to say I was never expecting anything like the helpful hints and tips you all had for me back then. Needless to say we are no longer together but my new boyfriend and I are looking to move in together shortly and looking back on all of the things you taught me back then reminded me of how clueless I really was!

    Once again thank you so much for all your help!

  • Lilyplonk
    Lilyplonk Posts: 1,145 Forumite
    edited 1 April 2014 at 7:16AM
    Best of Luck, Katie - these days, not many of us end up with the 'very first person we live with', including ME.

    Unfortunately, I made the mistake of marrying the first guy I moved in with - way too quickly, as we didn't know each other properly. Things were different back then and couples weren't really expected to just 'live together' without the piece of paper :o.

    However, what I DID learn from my marriage was 'how NOT to live with somebody' ................... After 17yrs of failing marriage, I've been with my current partner for 24yrs and made sure I never made the same mistakes again ;).

    Sorry to read that things didn't work out for you both a couple of years ago - hope it things go better for you this time around - we're all here if you need us again. I noticed that I'd contributed to your thread under my 'old log-in details'. I lost my password and email address when getting a new PC, so had to change ID etc :rotfl:

    Lilyplonk (ex Olliebeak) xx
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