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help with new household??



  • The first thing I would recommend you do, is sit down together and work out a budget. I've been managing my own money since I was 15. Where I come from, debt is relatively uncommon. One of the tips my mum gave me was this: work out a budget, then use different envelopes to divide the money for different things. For example: Rent + C.Tax, Bills, Food, etc. What I used to do was divide it into weeks since I had no bills to pay. So I would divide everything by 4.5 (four weeks plus a half week for those extra couple of days).

    I do the same thing, but instead of saving in envelopes, which could be a temptation to dip into, I have a separate bank account for bills, keeping a budget diary of what is in each section - gas, electric, car insurance, etc. As I put by £750 each month this mounts up some months, and so earns interest. Also, if I have a hefty bill for, say, car insurance, and I haven't saved enough, I can 'borrow' from the balance, readjust what I save for car insurance from then on, and don't have to worry about finding the extra money.

    Hope this makes sense - it does to me, and more importantly it works.
  • Oh, how exciting and scary all at once. I'd echo much of what has been said already.

    Hard to know how much your utility bills will be at the moment, so over budget for the moment, or ask people with a similar size home....but still overbudget!

    i think it will be important to work out if you are pooling your money, or each of you being responsible for differnt bills/expeneses.

    Work out a really good budget to see how much money you have left over for things you both want in the future, and start saving now. I know interest rates are rubbish, but i still think it is worth it.

    Turn out lights etc!

    Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan.

    When you are sorting out your cleaning rota...try and include thorough going overs as well as general keeping it going sort of cleaning!

    Buy good pans, cheap ones are often false economy!

    get an airer for drying clothes in wet weather.

    If you shop at tesco, apply for a tesco credit card jointly and see the points mount up...use them for deals not shopping. Don't forget you can get loads of stuff you might go to argos for at tesco online. but pay it off every month!!!

    It is really important to build in time for you as a couple amongst all the homemaking, and you both as individuals!
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  • hello, yes I remember it well:eek:

    get yourself a day per yiew diary and write down what your having for tea that day and so you know what to get out the freezer the day before,also in the diary list the jobs you want to achieve for the day(don't be too hard on yourself otherwise you won't keep it up) cross them off as you do them.
    Once aweek go through your freezer and list what you have in go then slot them into days and at the same time you will know what shopping you need.
    If you know you have a really busy day make that a beans/poached egg on toast day. Batch cooking is also a good one if you are making a spag bol, chilli or stew do enough for 2/3 meals. freeze the others and that will give you an easy tea another day.
    Always write a list before you go shopping and never go shopping hungry. Also you can always use another diary for money that you spend.
    Work out you bills roughly times into a yearly amount then divide give into a weekly or monthly amount depending on how you get paid , put this into another account and use this account for bills only!
    sorry if I have gone on, enjoy getting your home together, it is exciting:D
  • sorry, I forgot definatley get a slow cooker as Mellika says, and prepare tea in a morning otherwise you will be tempted to buy take aways and convenience foods, good luck
  • I don't know why I keep getting kicked out when I'm logged on! Here's my second attempt: :o

    Anyway, Katie, congratulations on your big and bold step! Here are a couple of tips which may sound weird but reduce the number of pointless arguments:j :

    -agree to leave the toilet seat & lid DOWN after use :D !
    - as already mentioned: split chores or have a rota

    - have your dinner at the table a few times a week not always in front of the telly
    - if something annoys you address it straight away, diplomatically, don't let it fester; the number of stupid blow-ups I had with my ex which he did not understand!!!
    - do stuff together like cooking, gardening or stuff around the house but make sure you have a couple of nights where you do your hobby or meet your mates
    - apart from each putting a set amount for house stuff in the joint account keep your own accounts

    - and when you're rich get a cleaner and a dishwasher!!!!

    I learnt the hard way and finally have a second chance with someone else and I've made the above my golden rules.

    For starters with furniture and appliances when you have no cash: use your local freecycle. Then you can save up for that fabulous sofa or kitchen table!

    Enjoy and I hope you have happy, fun and interesting times. :A

  • champys
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    kjn1000 - cheers to you and full marks for actually considering these things before you start (and even more for asking advice!). I really admire you.

    How many of us just jumped in and winged it at your age - I certainly did, and only started to sort things out closer to the age of 50...... fortunately it is never too late to learn, but you are well ahead of the game so you will be cruising effortlessly in a few years time! Wishing you all sorts of good luck.

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  • Well done for coming here for advice. You have had lots of great tips already, and I'm sure you'll pick up more from having a look round the forums yourself. Here are a few tips from me:
    - buy in bulk
    - don't shy away from "value" products
    - use your freezer as much as you can - cook in bulk and freeze, but also buy fresh things that have been reduced because they have reached their sell-by date, and freeze them
    - keep a close eye on what's in your fridge - don't let things go off and get thrown away
  • EstherH
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    [katie :confused:

    Hi Katie,
    Well done on realising you need help. I am sure you will find loads on here. The Mbaz feeding a family for £20 has already been mentioned. From that I have made a general savoury mince meal in my slowcooker (definitely get one, the Morphy Richards 6.5ltrs is excellent and you can get a full chicken in - more about that later).
    Anyway, I make the mince in bulk with added handful or two of lentils and oats. Plenty of onion and carrots, mushrooms and peppers if I have them in. Add some boiling water and a couple of stock cubes.
    Once in the slowcooker it can be left to it's own devices.
    when you are ready to eat it you can devide into portions and freeze what you don't need for that night. I use takeaway cartons or tupperware. This basic mince can now be turned into bolognaise by adding tomatoes and some mixed herbs, chilli con carne with tomatoes and kidney beans. You can spice it up with worcestershire sauce and some peas and top with potatoes for cottage pie. Can also be baked pottoe filling or pie/cobbler filling.
    Out of 3 x 500gms I got seven meals for four of us. Six of which went straight in freezer ready for when times short. Hope this helps.

    Also have a look at the rubber chicken thread.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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  • Arne_2
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    Have a discussion about budgets and gift buying for family birthdays and Chistmas. You can get stressed if one of you likes to have everything bought and wrapped well in advance and the other tends to shop on the day.
  • liney
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    My tips:

    There's always something that needs putting away/taking upstairs or downstairs (washing/crockery/shoesetc etc) so.... both of you.... never walk up or down the stairs empty handed. It's amazing how this little rule keeps things tidy.

    Jamie Olivers Ministry of food cook book is very basic if you really don't have a clue.

    Stardrops cleans nearly everything. You do not need a cupboard full of bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners and floor cleaners. You do need Stardrops, washing up liquid, thick bleach and Oven cleaner.

    Buy a feather duster.

    Have a weekly big job marked on your calender for each of you. This week mine is clean the inside windows, and his is do a skip run as our garage is crammed with junk.

    Cook once, eat twice. Freeze extra portions or plan around what you are doing for left overs. IE Roast Chicken on Sunday is chicken salad on Monday. Bolognaise this week is lasagna next week.

    Have fun !
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