Credit Card Refund!!!!

Can anyone help.
I paid for flights with my credit card with a travel agent, the airpline was XL that went bust. I have filled out claim forms but am getting now where with the travel agent freedon direct. Im given a number for the CAA but there refuse to answer the phone or my letters asking for my refund. Ive asked llyds tsb to claim the money on my behalf but they wont as i paid through a travel agent.
I thought when you paid with a credit card you were covered to get your money back, but im having trouble getting mine back and lloyds tsb are charging me interest on the outstanding debt.
Can anyone advise what to do!!!



  • anotherpaul_2
    Section 75 gives you protection if the tickets cost more than £100. But you're supposed (I think) to make best effort to claim the money from the company concerned if you can.

    If you haven't already, write to (rather than phoning) Lloyds, detail the situation and ask them to put the ammount in dispute and free the interest on it until the claim can be resolved. Mention that you consider it to be covered by section 75 protection and you intend to claim against that - request the forms or ask them to provide details on how to claim.

    They'll probably tell you that you need to try and claim it from the agent or the adminstrators, but it will stop them from denying knowledge later, if you do have to claim from them.

    Of course, my understanding of Section 75 may be incorrect. I've never had to claim on it.
  • BenL
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    Hi Caroline

    There is an article/guide here for you to have a read through and to see the course of action for you to take.
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  • wbafanclub12

    Sorry to hear about your problem and this may not be any help except to pass on to your credit card company. I paid for my freedom flights by credit card. I phoned up and explained to them that I believed they should refund me. The girl was a bit shirty and said that was wrong but that I should send a letter to the refunds department. A week later I had a letter saying that it had been refunded back to my credit card whilst they investigate.

    I still havent got my other money paid off the CCA. They are losing letters I send and I am getting fed up with it now. And getting through to them on the phone is a nightmare.

    But send a letter off to your credit cards refunds department. Phone calls will probably not work.
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    Did you buy a package through the Travel Agent that included an XL flight, or did you purely book the ticket?

    Distinction is important, as if you've bought the package then the agent has the obligation to get you to the destination and as such credit card company can be held equally liable under Section 75.

    Unfortunately if you only bought the flight then the Travel Agent is only contracted to supply the ticket and can't be held liable for delays/cancellations etc. so Section 75 is of no use.
  • Hi,

    Can anyone help? I like you am STILL awaiting a refund and have managed to get through to Freedom Flights with whom we booked the holiday and they are now stating they will issue a refund on for the hotel and transfers on the 21st April (I will believe it when I see it - "the cheques in the post"!!!??? I have given up on the CAA office and am convinced it is unmanned!! But Freedom have informed me that they (CAA) will make a refund for the Flights - when I am still not sure - but get this - the CAA will send the refund minus £40 admin costs and £16 for the credit card company refund? WHY??? I am having to pay £56 for nothing but the misery and hassel caused since September and missing a holiday - may be I should charge them for telephone, credit card interest, paper, postage, lack of sun, etc etc.... when will it all end??
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