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How many unit does an average house use?

KG Posts: 333 Forumite
Ok - slightly misleading title - I actually want to know how many units my house should be using...

I got an elec bill today which seemed ok until I compared my meter readings against their estimates (for period 16 Aug - 28 Jan):

Their estimates:
Normal mtr - 976
Night mtr - 96

Actual readings:
Normal mtr - 515
Night mtr - 5493

I live on my own in a 4 bed house with storage heaters and no double glazing.

I have 1 storage heater on low most of the time (since I moved in in August) and switched 1 of the living room storage heaters on around October and 1 in late November. They have been on medium for most of the billed time, but have been up to top notch the last week or so in the cold weather. The only other room I heat is my bedroom which has a heater with a timer switch and is on at medium for around 2.5 hours a day. Oh and the bathroom which has a fan heater on for about 10 mins a couple of times a week.

My heating is topped up by a log fire.

I use an electric cooker to cook dinner around 5 nights a week.

I am in around 5 evenings a week and usually have the TV or computer and one lamp on in the house.

I charge my phone and my ipod and use the normal kitchen equipment.

So whose readings seem more realistic? The elec company's or mine?

Any more informed opinions than minre more than appreciated.


  • Cardew
    Cardew Posts: 29,042 Forumite
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    I assume you mean that by taking your own meter readings you have actually used 515/5493 kWH? and that the company will have estimated 976/96 kWh?

    The estimated consumption will be derived from data the company have from the previous occupant(s) who presumably didn't bother with their storage heating(many people hate that form of heating)

    Even so to manage to to use over 90% of your electricity at night is remarkable - especially as thiat includes Aug & Sept when you will not have used the storage heaters much.

    Even in mid-winter most people are happy to get their night consumption up to 65%.

    Something doesn't seem right here!
  • kazwookie
    kazwookie Posts: 13,873 Forumite
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    Do your doors / windows etc fit?

    Have you any draughts? all thse things would mean heat would be escaping

    I might be back later
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  • KG
    KG Posts: 333 Forumite
    It just says day units / night units on my bill so I am not sure if it is kwh Cardew. The house was empty before me for a while and the guys who were in it before were freinds who confirm that they used the storage heaters (there is no other way to heat any room except the living room).

    Really looking for someone who might be able to tell me 'well on my last bill it shows that I used 2598 units over 3 months in a centrally heated house with double glazing so I wouldn't be surprised if you used over 5000 units'

    Anyone able to confirm that?
  • E.ON_Company_Representative
    E.ON_Company_Representative Posts: 806 Organisation Representative
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    If the figures of 515 and 5493 are the amount you have used in kWh, then for a property with storage heaters this looks okay.

    The bill period you have quoted covers 165 days, so this is about 3.1 units per day on the normal rate and 33.2 units per day on the night rate.

    If you find you use a lot of electricity on the night part of your meter 33.1 units is easily reachable, an average sized storage heater will use about 2.5 kWh on medium. So, one storage heater on for 7 hours (the economy 7 time period) will use 17.5 kWh per day alone. So with two storage heater average using in the region of 33 kWh is realistic.

    I’d take some regular daily readings to see if this is accurate, you will then see your average usage on a daily basis rather than waiting for your quarterly bill.

    The daytime usage seems quite low but could be explained if you are out most of the day and careful with what you use.

    I recommend contacting your supplier and having a chat with their consumption department they will be able to go through your appliances with you and they may identify if there is an error.
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  • KG
    KG Posts: 333 Forumite
    Thank you Brian - exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Even though it means I now have to pay a big bill.... Boo Hiss....
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