Abbey - Should i start a 'new' claim or add to original?

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Hi all

I have looked through loads of posts but cannot see if this has come up anywhere before, but if it has i apologise and would be grateful if someone could link me to the relevant post(s).

I have a claim ongoing with Abbey and like most other claimants have been told it is all 'on hold' awaiting the outcome of the Court of Appeal decision whenever that might be.

My claim has been in since about May 2007 so coming up on two years, my question is shall i put in a 'new' claim as Abbey have still been charging me various 'unfair' charges over the past couple of years and they must be all adding up too?

Do the courts (as i suspect they do) only take into account the charges you have mentioned in the original claim? Or could i 'add' something to the case as it stands to mention charges that have continuously occurred since the start of the case?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

Tzarah :T


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