I haggled & got a discount in Comet

went to buy a new iron in Comet and decided to go with a fancy morphy richards jetstream elite - yes it was expensive but I do a lot of ironing! Anyway I picked the one I wanted but they only had the display model left. The offer for a half-price ironing board had finished according to the website - but I mentioned it and the lad said he'd go and check if he could still offer it, he came back and said he could. I then said "can you knock anything off as it's the display model?" and he just said 'Sure" and took £8. :T
Ok - not life changing but boy do I feel good!
Bern :j


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    Always nice to hear of a success story, and as you proved, it costs nothing to ask, but it can pay dividends. Nice one.

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  • Well done to you!
  • I was Really cheeky in tesco - slightly ripped box on a £4 toy and asked for discount and got 10% off - only 40p but i was buying the toy anyway!
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    Good on you, like they say - we do not get unless we ask.
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  • I also had a result in my local garden centre. Picked up a shelving unit for my garden (one of those units with a plastic cover that guards plants from frost) and was quite happy to pay £19.99 for it along with a trolley load of other stuff. When I later checked the reciept it seemed the guy at the till had forgotten to scan it! I did think it was a bit low, but kept me mouth shut and glad I did. Gotta love it when that happens.
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    I went in Comet told the assistant i would like to buy a cd/dab radio £90 and a Toshiba 20"tv £300 asked for discount he said I'll go and have a word came back not a bean.So i left it. Cut my nose off to spite my face i suppose. Only thing is i really wanted these two items so i went to the other side of the City to another Comet and got them there. I did not ask for discount thou
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    Don't try asking for a discount in Currys, I did, and was told "it is no longer group policy to offer any kind of discount, regardless of spend".

    Also, don't try asking for a reduction on damaged goods in Wyevale Garden Centres either, their policy is to send-back all damaged goods.
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