Eon messed up on meter readings from incorrect installation of meter

Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me any advice as to where i stand. We had a meter installed back a few years ago and they have put the rates for charging electric around the wrong way, i.e night rate for day and vice versa.
They are now in the process of sorting this out but how do we stand if we get a massive bill through although on the phone today they say it will be around £400. They have admitted it was their mistake but we can't afford to pay the extra what they want as we are currently paying £70 a month and that's without the gas too each month. I know £70 a month may not seem alot to some people but I'm now out a job and my husband's work has been cut down alot so we're not getting no where near as much income as we were getting but still too high to get working tax credit help.
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    They can only back bill you for one year, and even then you can request a payment plan to catch up. Part of the code of practice. ;)
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    Hi there, I'm currently experiencing exactly the same thing and awaiting a huge bill for the correction. It's a relief to know they can only go back one year, but isn't that a bit dishonest - I mean I've used the electricity shouldn't I pay for it? It will be good if it does work out only one year though.
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    when i spoke to them today they said nothing about it only going back one year, i mean, they admitted it was their error and they said they had noticed it before but didn't change it or even inform me. Now though I am really worrying about the size of the bill and the cost although i have paid 840 a year for my electric. I didn't realise they were round the wrong way and if i did i would have contacted them, i suppose i'm glad it's not gone on for years but four years is bad enough. just worrying that i can't afford it if they want a massive amount
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    The back billing code of practice only applies to customers that have not recieved a bill for over 12 months.

    If a customer has recieved inaccurate or incorrect bills, this code of practice does not apply in any way.

    This is an awfull situation to be in, but unfortunatly, legally, the responisbilty is on the customer to be checking the bills are correct, and a problem like this could be back billed for years if the supplier wanted to do so.

    No doubt getting through to the complaints team of the company involved will get you a percentage discount off the bill.
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    Good advice, Littletomtucker. Smileyface1971 (original post) check if you are using E7 efficiently. When a/c rebilled are enough units used on Night rate to compensate for higher day rate cost? - maybe single tariff will result in lower bill when rebilled.(Note original post said Gas, presuming for heating, h/water, cooking etc....).
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    i have current meter readings of rate 2 - 28264 and rate 1 - 3120 but these should be the other way round for the rates (rate 1 - 28264 and rate 2 3120) so not looking forward to bill coming in. We use heating and hot water for gas but everything else is electric.
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    Sometimes it's not too much of a problem which rate they have as one or two, what matters is that they have the correct one registerd as the day one, for instance, the higher one should be the day one (not always, but as you have gas that is a presumption..) so if they have the higher one as rate 2 but they have it set up as the day rate, it should still be billing correctly.

    Unfortunately though, as you have been receiving bills, this is classed as an attempt to contact you and therefore you are responsible for making sure that you are billed correctly, i.e the assumption is that you check the meter when you receive a bill to ensure a. the consumption is correct and b. the rates are correct (for 2 rate meters)
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