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  • hayley11
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    :rotfl: That's quite funny! Champagnes icky though, i'd be like please can I have a glass of cherry lambrini instead :rotfl: :rotfl: I'm not a chav, honest :rotfl:
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  • Oh, that's so funny! :rotfl:


    She must have gone pale when she realised you were "Martin's Money Tips"... !

    Bet that's the opposite reaction to what you usually get from people who are trying to get you to plug their business :rolleyes:

    You realise from the DFW forum in particular how many people find it such a release to share their debt secret with someone, because no-one IRL knows anything about it. I bet most of us are the same - too ashamed to admit to it. :o
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  • Airwolf1
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    Quite a story - and it just shows you don't know who you're talking to - for both of the people involved - she didn't realise it wa sMartin, and Martin with his MoneySaving head on (thoughts of sneaking shop into the email) didn't realise she had had help from the site!
    My suggestion and/or advice is my own and it is up to you if you follow it, please check the advice given before acting on it.
  • I'm a first-timer for posting on the forum, but that story reminded me of a tip an ex-employee of a major department store told me years ago.

    Bear in mind this is not for the shy types, but if you go into any large Department store towards the end of any fashion season (think sales times!), and ask at the cosmetics counters if they have any trial items or testers that they haven't used from last season that they'd like to offload.

    I tried this (admittedly, it was a few years ago!) but I came away with bags of foundations, lipglosses, perfume testers, eyeshadows and beauty products. Most consessions are glad to give the testers and old products away as they would otherwise have to throw them away. Some do recycle the products they don't use these days, but it's always worth asking just in case!

    I was in school when I tried this, and did it as an experiment to get supplies for make-up for a stage production, and so was extra sneaky and sold as many of the products as I could (brands like Elizabeth Arden, YSL and Chanel went down particularly well!) to teachers and friends.

    We made over £80 by selling off the freebies, so it was well worth it!

    I'm not sure selling the freebies on would be such a good idea these days, but if you stick to counters holding brands that you like, you should get a nice selection of products that you might not have shelled out for when it was on the shelves.

    Hope it helps!!
  • Larumbelle
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    My first proper job was across the road from a snooty furniature shop that used to give you a glass of champagne while you wandered around. Maybe they hoped you'd get drunk enough to think their prices were reasonable. Anyway, I visited every lunch hour during my first week, until they worked out that I was the offic junior from over the road :rotfl:
  • Sami_Bee
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    i have a friend who is rather well off and frequents a posh jewelers in Manchester she always comes out of the shop pickled in champagne (and with her DH at least £500 worse off!) She's such a good customer that they take her out for dinner along with their other big spenders once or twice a year, they have a limo pick you up from home and take you to a swanky hotel/restaurant for dinner
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    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
  • I mystery shop high end shops, and often find that one of the questions on the evaluation questionnaire is 'were you offered refreshments or a glass of wine' - it's obviously expected of the staff......... :D
    I was a board guide here for many years, but have now resigned. Amicably, but I think it reflects very poorly on MSE that I have not even received an acknowledgement of my resignation! Poor show, MSE.

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