PCW USB Drive problems - SP2 related

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Hi all

I have a small problem with the PCW USB Pen Drive.

It was working fine until a couple of weeks ago, then my PC started rebooting as soon as windows (XP) loaded. Only once per switch-on though.
after a week of assuming that my PSU had died again I tried removing the drive and no problems for a couple of days. The I tried plugging it in again while the PC was switched on and was rewarded with an instant reset. This happened several times.
I figured out that the problems started after installing SP2, soI tried uninstalling it and everything is fine again.
I was hoping that someone knows the solution to this, or even if anyone else has had the same trouble.

If it's any help I installed the bundled software and use part of the drive as a secure area.


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    Torgwen.......... :) ...........
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    Did you try completely removing the drivers for the pen drive after you installed SP2 and then re-installing them? It's possible (though unlikely) that SP2 could have overwritten a file which the pen drive uses.
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    The pen drive software you are using may have been written before XP SP2 came out. You should check on the manufacturers website to see if there are some updated drivers you should be using.
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    I tried removing and reinstalling the software with the same results. In the end I removed it and just use it as a pen drive now. I was using the secure area to keep a coded file containing my passwords etc for various sites, now I just use an excel document with password protection. Not 100% I'm sure, but secure enough.
    Thanks for the help.
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