a little packet this week on the car insurance alone!

Well, we did the car insurance list a couple of weeks ago after getting our renewal notice from the AA just before New Year. Last year car insurance was £760 ( :eek: I know! newish car, bad record for 2 claims - neither our fault, one theft, one freak accident caused by another driver - and three points for me from a few years back). We paid monthly, as OH didn't realise you pay more for the privilege, so our monthly payments this year have been £83.62 (!!!!!). Well, we rang the AA after their best deal was £580 and said we'd got over £100 better and they apologised and couldn't match it. SO as of Monday we're insured with Tesco, costing the annual sum of £460 - which we had saved for, so paid in one lump. This equates to monthly of £39 pounds (plus pence) a saving by month of £44!!!!!! Can't tell you how chuffed we are!

Thank you MSE - and now to start planning the home insurance for July!
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  • Superb! :T

    It's amazing how much you can save by looking around...

    The interest on paying monthly is usually huge!! There's been a couple of times where it's been cheeper for me to pay my insurance in full by credit card and pay that off monthly!!

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    Wish i could save that much :( my insurance is £830 im a 18 year old male driver, if i were a female it would have been only £400, ( to me thats sexist , oh well )

    Well done on the saving :D
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  • I have just saved a small packet by buying both car and house insurance from the same company. Last year I did it with Churchill and this year I did it with Privilege.

    They always offer you about 10% off each (or something like that) for having both and more for doing all on-line so can make a big difference.

    Obv depends on your own circumstances as Barclays where offering £50 cashback if they could not beat existing renewal quote and match it which was tempting but I still saved more overall buying both from same place.

    Insurance is a large con anyway, always playing on peoples fears. I don't see how one company can offer a price at £357 and another for the same product and ask for £700+?
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    I can't believe the difference taking a bit of time shopping around can make! Got car insurance renewal in at £420 from Tesco. Went straight onto confused.com and got loads of better offers: Admiral were the best at £284. So went back to Tesco who could only get down to £376, so it's Admiral for this year = £136 cheaper! https://www.confused.com = BRILLIANT!! :money:
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    I saved £140 just by adding my name as the policy holder and then O/H as an additional driver, rather than me being the additional driver! We will both be using the car equally to learn how to drive. I was surprised that it all worked out under £800! Plus, got £80 cashback!:T
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  • Have you thought about having an additional driver on your insurance, it sometimes bring s the cost down if they have held a licence for a while and have a clean record?

    I am just getting my own insurance aftre years as a company car driver. As I have had 2 claims, 1 malicious dmage and 6 points I was quoted £1000 on a golf. After adding my sister on it went down to £633. bargain!

    Worth a try - hope it works for you.

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    Also use confused.com to scour the market. The Post Office have got a £50 cashback offer, plus £45 cashback on Quidco, plus they seem to give competetive quotes.
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  • Looking at going back to co-op, https://www.cis.co.uk works out cheaper that tesco now
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    I must admit confused.com is super!! I looking to get mine under 1k this year so I can pay it in 1 lump sum! Not due for renewal under July but been searching already!!
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    I have found cheaper deals on insurance supermarket, with quidco you get somethign like £40 back off the post office or £60 back off the AA, I was insured with tesco 2 years ago when my renewal came it was £200 more expensive than the previouse year (no claims made) I think the process is the first time you insure with them they give you a low quote hoping when it comes to renewal that you will just accept it so they inflate the quote to make up for the previouse years good will,
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