around £100 this WEEK!

Yes I have saved well over £100 just this week!

I've been scanning and copying my family's entire photographs so that I can have copies for myself. THE ENTIRE LOT for a family of 8 people (my parents and 6 kids) and my own little family (me partner and baby) is around 1200 photos which at the standard rate of 10p a picture is around £120 :eek:

So as I'm scanning and copying (which I'm still doing, its a biiiiiig job) I'm surfing and find the Snapfish codes!!! If you don't know what this is it's just a code to print pictures at 1p each, no maximum no minimum, just 1p plus postage.

So here I am uploading an d uploading and uploading trying to get as many on the site before sunday when it expires (please look on codes and discounts for the code, im not sure i can post it here) and I'm so glad, that it'll cost me only £12 (plus postage)!!!!! £12!!! :T hell yea!

and i shall be nominating this for post of the month.... if i can find out who posted it first!
:A Boots Tart :A


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