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B&Q - the end of the over 60's card?

The 2 local B&Q stores have now closed. The discount card offer was transferred to the local Warehouses till 25 Jan06.

We went today to buy 2 kitchen cupboards but were not allowed the discount on them as they were "display stock" ie. the discount is not allowed on bathroom or kitchen furniture.

I asked what would happen after 25 Jan and the cashier said they had not been informed.

Does anyone know what will happen?




  • jmfjmf Forumite
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    We were in B & Q yesterday and asked about what would happen after the end of January and the girl said she thought it might continue as the volume of sales on Wednesdays was very good.

    Have sent an email to B & Q to ask them to clarify the matter. Will let you know when I receive a reply.

    We now only have two warehouse stores as the two other smaller stores have closed.
  • jmfjmf Forumite
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    This is the reply I have just received from B & Q.

    Thank you for your email.

    The Board of Directors has agreed that the diamond cards can continue to be used in our warehouse stores for the foreseeable future.


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  • I emailed them to ask if they would send an application form as the local

    store had none in for 3 weeks,they said"quoteYou will get them at your local

    store" they still do not have them 5 it`s bye bye B&Q hello

    Focus,got the card within 10 mins.
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  • i work in B&Q and we have no application forms left. we were told to tell customers to bring i.d with their d.o.b on it and we have a mastercode to use for 10%-this is in northern ireland but im sure its the same throughout x.
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    My MIL has recently got a B&Q over 60's card. Is the card store specific or can it be used in any B&Q warehouse?
  • jmfjmf Forumite
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    The card can be used in any B & Q including the warehouse stores.
  • dcdc Forumite
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    Received a large mailshot the other day saying,

    "Diamonds Are Forevery Wednesday, every week and every store",

    so Wednesdays are still the day to go to B&Q. the discount continues "forever"


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    Does anyone know if you can order/reserve items, or pay a small deposit, on other days, then go in on a Weds. to collect & pay the balance minus the 10%?
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