Broadband in a new-build


I'm moving into a new flat in the next week which is a new build so I assume that the BT line would not have been activated. I've been searching for information on how to get the best price broadband and am getting more and more confused then more I read!

Essentially all I really need/want is the broadband. I'm not too bothered about what I get on the phoneline. Therefore can anybody explain to me simply how I go about getting Broadband in the flat (i.e. actiavting the line and which companies I can use).

Do I have to activate the BT line using BT or do other companies do this?

Once the line is activated by BT, do I have to actually use BT as they seem not to have good prices - can I use, for example, Tiscali for the line rental and only pay BT for the activation?

Finally is it best to get line and broadband seperately or packaged?

As I said, I'm new to all of this and fairly confused, so anything that can set me straight would be much appreciated.




  • im having a similar problem,im not in a cable area,sky or o2 are not available on the cheap,i have found out that the post office will install a landline for £107 with no contract so if you desire you can go straight to talk talk with out any fees but everything ive heard about them has been bad,i think the best ive found is with the post office @ £24 a month + theres about £30 back from quidco,i would have been happier nearer the £16 mark because im not allways at home its still coming in at around the £400 mark for the 1st year :confused:
    happy hunting :rotfl:
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