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I purchased a Laurastar Magic iron 4 years ago and it cost me over £400. After just over two years it stopped working. They charged me £92.15 saying that it was an electrical fault. 18 months went by and the same thing happened. They cannot tell me what is wrong with it this time around and said that it needs a new boiler and a new iron is recommended which would cost me a total of £215. Apparently they said that a brand new iron and board costs £499.99. This means that if the new boiler +new iron cost £215 the table alone costs £285. What do you think? If I have the boiler and the iron replaced this ironing system would have cost me £715 in four years. Note that when I bought it I was told that it would Last me over 10 years and that unlike others on the market it does not require any cartridges to take care of scales. Having said that we also have a scale clarifying system through our pipes. Also our iron is purely for domestic use for just two adults. Has anyone had any problems of this nature? Please help. I don't know what to do. This seems to be a VERY VERY EXPENSIVE ironing system.


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    We have an Evolution 2 system which we bought from Ideal World in November 2007. It first went wrong in March 2009 and was fixed under warranty, although we had to pay carriage. It's just failed again - apparently it's the regulator - and they want £100 to repair it.

    We are not impressed, so we've dug out our old steam iron, detached the Laurastar boiler and iron from the board, and are left with a very expensive ironing board!

    It seems from scanning the net, that there are plenty of satisfied customers out there with with £500-600 systems, but there are also a fair number with older systems who, like us, are not at all impressed.

    We would say don't waste your money, the system we had was no better than any normal steam iron, jut a lot more expensive.

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    Please, please let me try and save someone some money ! We have just purchased a Laurastar Iron from John Lewis £269 (lady was demonstrating them). I was in the market for a new iron and unfortunately fell for the sales talk. The tank is nowhere near big enough at half a pint - if you have large pile of ironing you are continually waiting for it to cool down so you can top it up to continue ironing. I've also had to go to the expense of buying an Aquafilter for the water as your guarantee is invalid if you use ordinary tap water. If you use water from cold it takes absolutely ages to get to temperature. It's also very bulky. Would certainly not buy again and I've only had it about a month. :(
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