Cheapest way for Unlimited Broadband?

Hey guys, my first post so please be gentle :)

I'm basically looking to save money on my broadband. I currently have a home phoneline just to get the broadband (which sucks) and I was wondering if there is anything out there cheaper than what I am paying.

Heres what I have:
  • BT "Unlimited Weekend Plan" (Standard package?) - £11 p/month
  • Virgin Media Bundle 2 - 8MB unlimited - £17.99 p/month
Heres what I have tried:
  • Virgin Cable - Not available in my area
  • Cheap O2 Broadband - Not available
  • My iPhone doesn't have 3G signal where I live so I can only run the laptop through it on GPRS (Dial-Up)

Thanks for any help :)


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