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£1000 in 100 Days, 1st Jan - 10th Apr 2009

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£1000 in 100 Days, 1st Jan - 10th Apr 2009

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1st January 2009 - 10th April 2009

It's 100 days, no more and no less.

Link to 1st challenge -
Link to 2nd challenge - 1st January 2009 - 10th April 2009
Link to 3rd challenge - 11th April 2009 - 19th July 2009

The rules are simple - you do not need to make £10 every day, you just aim to save, earn, win or raise an EXTRA £1000 over the period of 100 days. The 100 day period begins on Thursday 1st January 2009 and ends on Friday 10th April 2009, which happens to be Easter weekend.

All income that is not part of your normal, regular income can be counted and gets used to either pay off a debt, buy something special, neutralise your current spending or to increase your savings.

Feel free to join us and compare notes on how we each earn our extras. Last challenge saw some spectacular results! There's matched betting, free bingo, free scratchcards, cashback, vouchers, competitions, decluttering via online auctions & classifieds, car boot sales or you may even decide to work extra overtime, take on a second job, set up a home-based business or even start a cottage-style industry. Whatever you do, have fun finding those extra pennies that make the pounds that make the debts disappear and the rewards much richer! Above all, have a great year debt-busting and saving.

Small print - if in doubt about how this extra income may affect your current employment contract, tax, national insurance or any benefits you may receive etc, please check with the relevant agencies or authorities.

  1. **kym**
  2. Alibell2003
  3. Aliwali
  4. Babes21
  5. Bails
  6. Bikerchick1066
  7. Blissfullydebtfreewannabe
  8. Bluesky333
  9. Boomdocker
  10. Buffythedebtslayer
  11. Cannp123165
  12. Coco2972
  13. Completely Lost
  14. Curly Cabbage
  15. Evans17
  16. Floxxie
  17. FrankieM
  18. Gillypen
  19. Innocent_Guy
  20. Jacci45
  21. Jem_angelic
  22. JenJade
  23. Jenna1239
  24. JennyBee
  25. Jo1972
  26. Kaitlinsmummy2006
  27. Karie
  28. Karmacat
  29. Lilmissmup
  30. Little Chicken
  31. Lonestarsky
  32. Longhill
  33. Longing to be debt free
  34. Mickey Mouse
  35. Mogwai
  36. MollyPolly
  37. Mrs Tooti-frooti
  38. Nigdeb2002
  39. NYKMedia
  40. Panda Paws
  41. Pebblespop
  42. PetitePeche
  43. Pollydaydream
  44. Princess leia
  45. Purpleroses
  46. Roomontheend
  47. Shabbychicfan
  48. Sophiesmum
  49. Squidykins
  50. Stacy
  51. Taka
  52. Traveller
  53. Trex170104
  54. Welshgirl78
  55. Wit40iwtwan
  56. Xanthe06
  57. Yukkibear
  58. Yummymummy20
Please note that the list is in alphabetical order, so numbers will change as I add new names. The 100 days ends on 10th April and the next challenge will begin on 11/04/09
I reserve the right NOT to spend:
The less I spend, the more I can afford!
Now running Frugaldom as a lifestyle social enterprise! :D


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