£10.50 offer for talk talk phone and broadband

I notice in Martins weekly email, he mentioned a talk Talk offer: https://www.talktalk.co.uk/12 months which gives phone and broad band for £10.50 for the first 12 months, anyone know if this offer is open to only new customers?

I am currently with talk talk, paying £16.99 a month for broadband and phone. Tried to check online for this offer, but was directly to telephone customer service.

I telephoned customer service, and they told me to contact sales. I contacted sales and they did not have a clue either.
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  • and the reason talk talk/cpw offer this is because they are crap
  • Do anyone have a more informative opinion on this talk talk offer and have you gone for it? We are currently looking to switch and are paying a fortune :-(
  • I signed up for this offer on-line last week via the link provided, but once I'd put in all my details and clicked to sign up, was shocked to see that the price had mysteriously risen to £31.99 a month, not £10.50 a month. After many e-mails and calls I have just spoken to the customer service manager who says they cannot possibly offer phone and broadband for £10.50 a month and that they have no knowledge of this offer (I had the Talk Talk web page with the offer right of front of me!). He said the cheapest they could offer phone & broadband was £16.99 a month and offered no explanation as to why I should sign up for a £10.50 offer yet have the price show as £31.99 after I'd entered my bank details. I cancelled the order and won't be dealing with Talk Talk again.
  • I went to the Carphone Warehouse branch in Glasgow to check up on this offer. The guy there told me that this was a staff family and friends offer and should not have been made public.
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    Lee, have you had talktalk for 18 months or more. When I rang them about something else, the girl suddenly said, Oh, you have continued with us after your intial 18 months, we can give you 6 months half price. Worth ringing to ask.
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