My mother is a member of Pipex and is on a 8mbit connection contract. 2 months ago it dropped to 472kbitps from 6.8 to 7.2 mbit average connection. Phoned Pipex and they denied all knowledge and eventually after 5 calls told us our line was the problem, BT came out and checked the line, they said it is running perfectly and its Pipex that dropped the speed at the server, phoned Pipex again, they denied all knowledge again, then told us that we could not get higher that 512kbit connection in our area and never could (???). Shame that as we live 100 meters from the exchange and as you see above the speed was fine before, they admitted a problem then, but ever since in any other calls they have denied any problem, we are both at the end of our tether as pipex are hateful to deal with, moving the goalposts all the time and only doing anything when MAC codes are mentioned. Their engineers are told not to phone before 5pm but always do, leaving messages that we could not be contacted, They are quick enough to take her money, but don't do anything in return. What can we reasonably do other than shout at them, which is the only option left?


  • Pipex are absolutely useless. I'm a few miles from the exchange and get a better speed than you and I'm with them.

    I phoned in Nov. to say I wanted to leave and go to Sky, and they offered me a free month followed by a retention deal (dropping my cost from £23.99 a month to £7.99) which I agreed to. Had the free month then on Monday they billed me £23.99 again! Phoned them up and they denied all knowledge of my previous phone call.

    I've given up. I just phoned Sky, have agreed to switch, and then called Pipex to get my MAC code. All I can suggest is that you're outside the initial 12 month contract then switch. Their customer service has been shocking the last year or so (I'd been a happy customer for four years before all this).

    The MAC code call went surprisingly well - called their retentions/cancellation team on 0871 222 6366 (because you end up holding for ages on their main customer number, and this number actually has people who speak English on it), said I hated them and wanted my MAC code, and the lady generated it with no argument and I'll (apparently) receive it in five working days. So far the switching process seems a lot more straightforward than I'd always believed. :)

    In the meantime, if you're stuck talking to their Indian call centre (I have nothing against these normally as some companies operate them very well, but the Pipex staff seriously don't understand what you're asking), try the number above and shout at them again.
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