Suffering from Thyroid or related issues?

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Please note this is not a referring post.

Are suffering from thyroid and any related issues and feel GPs are not very helpful when it comes to the treatment?

There may be so many other forums but why not have another one as well and keep the information spreading everywhere and help the poor people who struggle with their doctors.

I've recently had a Radioactive Iodine Therapy done and though I am not having a difficult time convincing my Endo in terms of treatment but I know a lot of other people who are struggling.

A few people on this forum may have someone in friends and family who has this issue so please support us by spreading the word. You can send an email by clicking on Tell a Friend Link on the top after registering :)


Feedback is also appreciated :)
God Bless us all and happy new year to everyone :dance:


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    Thank you for the link, I had my thyroid removed when I was 18 (am now 34) so will go and have a look at that site.
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  • thanks for the link Cuteevil, I have hypothyroidism, and have suffered with being under medicated for many years!
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    Hi, Martin’s asked me to post this: Sorry, giving or asking for medical advice is not permitted on this forum as it’s not what this site is about. While discussing medical insurance policies, cheaper ways to see consultants, cashback for alternative health treatments and how to get specific medication cheaper (legally) are all perfectly acceptable we ask you specifically not to discuss what to do in the event of certain medical problems (please see this rule on the Health Board). If you have any questions about this policy please email [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL].

    And please also read this recent post by the Forum Manager.
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