Best mobile broadband?

My dad is having my old computer so we are trying to sort out the internet for him. He doesn't have a landline and it costs a fortune to get one put in from BT so we thought we'd do the mobile broadband.

I wondered if anybody could recommend a good package?

He wont be downloading huge files, he's a total newbie to computers so wont have a clue but he'll probably spend a couple of hours a day browsing, maybe playing on poker/gambling sites.

I've looked at the O2 mobile broadband, to the USB thingy free you have to sign up for 18 months, i've checked the coverage and it's okay but it's only 3GB per month, do you think that would be okay? It's £15 a month but get £40 quidco cashback and a free phone from O2.

Thanks in advance :D
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    It's worth checking run-on rates - the amount you'll be charged if you go over the inclusive amount.

    These can be quite expensive - typically between £10 and £15 per GB of data. For email and surfing 3GB should be fine - it would generally only be downloads, streaming video or certain types of online gaming that would push usage above this. There is a more detailed thread somewhere on here that helps calculate approximate usage.

    T-mobile are much better than the others when it comes to run-on rates - they WILL NOT charge you more than the monthly flat rate, if you exceed the data allowance they will write to advise you to make you aware, if you exceed it again you have the chance to move to a more appropriate tariff or you may be disconnected. This seems much fairer.

    A T-mobile broadband plug-in modem is available with £73 quidco cashback for £15/month (plus a £5/month discount for first three months).

    I used T-mobile broadband for last 18 months - been very pleased with it.
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    Thanks for that, I just had a look but they can't pick up my Dad's postcode which is a shame. I liked the fact that they don't charge you extra.

    O2 charge 20p per MB. You can track online how much you're using I guess.
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    I went for the very reasonable T-mobile deal. But I didn't expect the rigorous credit check ( is that £15 per month partly paying off the USB modem ?). They seemed to have a problem with my identity. I had to return home (luckily not far away) twice ! The second time even after my passport was not good enough. A pile of utility letters seemed to finally satisfy them, although they still took a photocopy of my debit card (with numbers covered) which no one has ever done to me before. The manager was constantly on the phone. I was there for over an hour !

    To be fair it was late afternoon New Years eve, but has anyone else experienced this kind of T-mobile interrogation ? I was tired and fed up afterwards, hopefully the deal will be worthit.
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