T-mobile broadband retention deals?

I'm about to give my 1 month's notice on my T-mobile broadband dongle. I'm coming to the end of £29/month for the 3GB deal.

From what I can see, new customers can currently get:

FREE DONGLE: £15/month for 18 months contract, (£15 initial discount)
FREE SHARE DOCK: £20/month for 18 months contract
FREE LAPTOP: £25/month for 24 months contract

I don't want another dongle, a share dock, a laptop or any clever gizmo like that.

What should I try to haggle for?

£10/month would make it the same price as Three's "lite" broadband - but with 3GB fair usage and no run on rates, considerably better.

Although, as a light user, Three's 12GB/12 month broadband starter pack for £99.99 works out cheaper - a little over £8 per month.

Then there is £15/month for 12 months from Vodafone with £90 Quidco cashback, coming in at £7.50/month.

Is it worth quoting these deals to T-mobile? What has anyone else got?


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    Good luck with that! Have you checked the other T-mobile retention thread?! T-mobile haven't really been doing upgrades for the last few months....
  • I've had T-mobile mobile broadband for about 3yrs and phoned up last week as my contracts up again and I want to renew. The best they would do me is £5 pcm off the current tarrifs. I told them is not good enough and they needed to do better if they wanted me to renew. I currently I a have £10 pcm discount and they wouldn't even match that.

    They did say that they couldn't do much atm as they have a new bunch of tarrifs coming out 2nd week of Jan (next week) including price match offers and other things, but they didn't have any specifics. Personally I'm waiting to see what these new tarrifs are then I'll decide what to do.
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    Well, T-mobile retentions rang me back this morning and to start with offered me £15/month for 18 months on Web'n'Walk plus.

    I said I wasn't really prepared to enter a further 18 months contract as I don't need any new equipment/dongles/laptops/etc and just want lowest possible line rental.

    I was then offered 12 month contract rather than 18 months.

    I stated £15/month was too expensive and would like to cancel.

    I was then "put on hold" so a manager could be contacted. (sales nonsense)

    I was then advised £10/month would be available on an 18 month contract.

    I asked if it was available on a rolling 30 day extension rather than a long 18 month contract. I was told no.

    I quoted the Three mobile broadband starter pack (12GB) which last for 12 months costing £99.99 from dixons.co.uk which would make my connection cost £8.33 per month.

    I was advised nothing below £10/month as available.

    My service will end next month.

    Don't hold out on deals from retentions!

    It is cheaper to leave and join again as a new customer through a cashback website.
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