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speeding ticket for emergency doctor call out



  • no need - he's been PPRd ;)
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    As I used to be engaged to a paramedic and live next door to a copper...
    Blue lights doesn't "allow" you to exceed the speed limit - if you are on what is known as a "red" call you have to notify control before/as you're doing so and they will create a log on the system so that if you get a speeding ticket from a camera it will automatically get dealt with by HO and not usually have to be dealt with by you.
    As far as I am aware doctors don't go through an advanced drivers course like the emergency services so they are infact not trained to drive on "red" calls. Driving safely under the blue lights is harder than you think and it's easy to get something known as "red mist". I've done a blue and two's run (yes was trained once upon a time!) in a St John ambulance - the BIG landrover 4x4 as I was ordered to do so by a paramedic and then got authorisation from the ambulance control - and I was blooming glad of the training I'd had because even in a 30 zone driving over 30 can be incredibly hazardous and I had a co-driver AND blue lights and sirens...

    Do I think that the OPs husband should get 3 points? Yes I'm afraid I do... If the call he was going to was urgent enough for him to need to speed then it was urgent enough for him to have called an ambulance to attend the patient first. He as far as I know did not have the training or the vehicle with lights and sirens to safely progress at the speeds he did.

    Do I think doctors should be given this training and vehicles properly equipped with lights? Yes - emergency call out doctors do lifesaving work - I've met them at incidents personally and they do a sterling job! But they more than anyone should understand how serious it can be if they speed and potentially hit a child at 40mph in a 30 zone!

    And actually clk299 - I think that midwives should have the same training too :) I'm glad to hear that the police are happy to assist with escorts when they can - let's face it - paramedics may be lucky and deliver more than 1 baby in their working life, I know that if it was an emergency I'd rather have a MW there than a GP or paramedic any day! :)
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