Fun Ways to encourage saving

Just wondering if any of you have any fun/clever ideas for saving small regular amounts of cash? We are planning a trip to Canada in Feb 2011 and this is our dream family holiday with friends. We are afamily of 4 on a tight budget and our son who is 11 is almost beside himself already with the thought of visiting Canada so would like some ideas to encourage him to save too.

Any ideas gratefully received


  • There is this on the fingertips website:

    You could make that but with a snowy canada theme, like painting the bottle white? and instead of having things to buy as a goal cut out a picture of canada and put it at the top, or something.

    You could seal a big-ish jam jar and write '(DS name)'s Holiday Fund.' on it. Everytime he does an extra chore around the house he gets some spare change put in it?

    I'm sure people can come up with much better ideas than me!
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