Energy Direct Debit Overcharging: Reclaim Successes

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  • i don't get this thread. Surely if you are overpaying, you are in credit and get a refund?
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    Martin you are a legend! Yet another letter I have sent and has done the trick!
    1st credit card charges £277.00 (MBNA) refunded and now another £100.00 and lower direct debits (EDF)

    I must add, by using topcashback I got £60 cash back when I switched from Ebico to EDF.
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    I've spent the last few months grumbling to all and sundry about our extortionate energy costs. We were paying £120 month for dual fuel in a 2 bed terraced - double what we were paying with our last supplier.
    Finally got around to calling Scottish Power and not only did they refund the £500 we are in credit, they also slashed our DD by £70 a month - should have been more organised and done this months ago!!!
    Thanks Martin!
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    I've just rang EDF to raise a concern with my DD of nearly £200 a month for gas/elec. I said I'd recently had an EDF egineer out to change my meter from an Eco7 tariff to a standard one, but that I felt the price charged did not reflect this. I said I believe I'm being charged a capped price (seems this is true with DD, as opposed to being billed for energy usage quarterly) and he agreed. He told me I'd be sent a cheque for over £500 after my switchover is complete.

    Brilliant! Helpful chap too.
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    I changed to UW in June 2010, but they only transferred the gas account over in Sept, and without telling me transferred the elec in Oct 2010. I was paying monthly, got no bills, and when I gave a final meter reading in April 2011 when I moved out they told me they were never charged me for any electricity. They have now given me a whopping bill of nearly £900 for Oct - end March for 6 months!
    the reason they are giving me is that they got the meter reading from British gas and have to go by that, and because I didn't know the account was changing over, I cant dispute what they are telling me. They are saying that I must have underpaid British Gas (despite them giving me a small refund for the electricity account when it switched) and for this, I must pay them!
    Can anyone help?
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