Has anyone been to Folly farm Santas Grotto?

in Wales
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Hi all

Has anyone been to folly farm to see santa?

Its my daughters birthday next weekend and I though it would be a lovely treat to go there and see santa but it says on the brochure you have to pay extra.

has anyone been, whats it like and how much extra is the charge to see santa??

any other recommendations for carmarthen area santas would be great too!

Many Thanks


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    I've not been

    but try asking on the noticeboard on www.netmums.com

  • I don't know if this is too late for you but I went there last year with my ds and niece (then aged 2 &4) we went 1st weekend it was open in Novemeber (hadn't planned on seeing santa but it was open and empty!) It was lovely, £6 each I think, the adults had a little glass of mulled wine the kids got boy -toy train, girl - think it was a beads set and we all got a mince pie on the way out. We were very happy with it. HTH
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